10 Cool Food Gadget Choices For Men

Men are becoming increasingly confident in their culinary talents, and new celebrity chefs like Guy Fieri have shown that cooking isn’t just for chicks.  While women might ohhhh and awwww over food gadgets like electronic salad mixers, men require more exciting and manly food gear and gadgets.

Bamboo Bottle (Bamboo Bottle Company)

Plastic bottles are bad for the environment, and most other choices either impart a bad taste to your water or have less than manly designs.  The Bamboo Bottle has an exterior made of outdoorsy bamboo, and the BPA-free glass interior ensures you have tasty water always within reach.  Using your own filter along with the Bamboo will certainly justify its reasonable $25 price considering all the money you’ll save versus what you pay for the same tap water sold to you in plastic bottles.


Bradley Propane Smoker

Smoking is ideal for some meats like homemade sausages — and for some seafood including salmon — but many home chefs are intimidated by the perceived cost and expertise needed to produce your own smoked treats.  The Bradley Propane Smoker is a great entry level smoker which is powered by propane and a few AA batteries.  It uses Bradley Flavor Bisquettes which ensure a deep smokey flavor, and mastering it is easy even for the most amateur of cooks.  The unit is compact and easily transportable, and at $100 it is one of the most economical ways to enter the world of homemade smoked food.


Can Cooker

The can cooker is a self-contained cooking system which can either be used while camping or as a healthy cooking alternative in your backyard.  The large 14″ x 11″ interior diameter allows for the cooking of large amounts of food — enough to feed upwards of 20 people.  An entire meal for 20 can be cooked using the Can Cooker in just under an hour allowing you to spend more time with your friends as opposed to slaving over hot coals.


Chicken Ark

OK, this one might be a bit extreme — but guys who desire the freshest chicken possible can’t beat that which is produced using your own Chicken Ark.  You can obtain your own supply of organic and ultimately fresh eggs and poultry by raising your own.  The Chicken Ark allows you to raise up to 4 chickens giving them an elevated roost, a covered run and a separate nesting box.  The Chicken Ark comes with everything you need (except feed) to produce four fresh chickens — but are you man enough to slaughter and clean them yourself?


Fresh Traveler

It is often difficult to travel with fresh food, and consequently many guys end up eating crap while on the road.  The Fresh Traveler aims to provide a solution for this quandary, and its solution is a double-walled stainless steel vessel which ensures yogurt and other perishables are kept fresh.  The Fresh Traveler also contains a second compartment which is designed to keep food like cereals crispy.  At only $45, the Fresh Traveler can pay for itself by allowing you to bring your own food on quick trips as opposed to overpaying for less than healthy alternative choices.


Jetboil Flash Cooking System

The Jetboil is a handy cooking solution — akin to a sterno on steroids — which can be used at home, when camping or even at work.  This self contained cooking system is designed to provide a single solution for preparing a healthy and quickly cooked meal.  The unit contains an insulated cooking cup with a flame burner (adjustable) producing fast single serving meals.  The Jetboil includes a thermochromic temperature gauge to ensure your meal comes out just right, and the unit also includes a built in piezo igniter and a measuring cup which affixes to the bottom.  At just under $90, the Jetboil Flash is also a bargain.


Minden Master Range-Top Indoor Grill

Sometimes the weather is not conducive for backyard bbq’s, and many city dwellers can never indulge and a backyard grill seeing they have no backyard.  A good solution for these instances is the Minden Master Range-Top Indoor Grill.  This piece of food gear allows you to bring the grill inside without the risk of killing your dinner guests with carbon monoxide poisoning.  This unit works on gas, electric and propane stoves, and it is easy to use — as well as clean in any self-cleaning oven.  It produces results comparable to what many experience on a typical grill, and at only $100 it presents for an inexpensive way to bring healthy grilling right into your kitchen.


SpitJack Beast Whole Hog Rotisserie

Yes, we admit this is not your typical piece of food gear — but nor are HardyMag readers just typical guys.  For those who want to bring the fun of a Hawaiian Luau right into their own back yard, the SpitJack Beast is a turnkey solution for cooking up an entire pig.  The SpitJack can easily handle over 200 pounds of whole hog which ensures that no one at your parties will ever go hungry.  Use is relatively easy, and the heavy duty motor which turns the hog can be powered from either a normal household outlet or even a car battery.  This piece of gear isn’t cheap — it’ll run you just over $1000.  However, it’ll certainly set you apart as the manliest of chefs on your block.


Steven Raichlen Beer Can Chicken Rack

Beer-can chicken recipes are all the rage, but they usually are difficult to pull off and produce less than gourmet results.  The Steven Raichlen Beer Can Chicken Rack was designed to produce ultimately tasty, juicy and tender chicken cooked in a very healthy fashion.  The unit is constructed with easy to clean stainless steel, and the canister can be filled with the traditional beer — or you can creatively experiment with wine, broths or fruit juices.  The drip pan catches all the tasty drippings which can be used for your gravy, and at under $30 this easy to use poultry preparation solution can’t be beat.


Weber’s On the Grill for iPad

These days, no gear list is complete (no matter what the subject) without at least one app.  The Weber’s On the Grill for iPad is a $5 app which puts a virtual grilling expert right at your fingertips.  The app features a searchable database of over 300 different grilling recipes and detailed instructions on how to create over 50 different rubs.  How-to videos are easily accessible, and the app allows you to input your own notes on recipes ensuring that you can accurately re-create any masterpiece you might devise.

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