Men’s Guide To Safe Sex In Your Car

We’ve all been there at one time or another.  Either you were living at home or with a room mate who wouldn’t leave when prompted.  At times the cause possibly was the pigsty state of your abode — whatever the reason you ended up with no alternative but to do it within the confines of your vehicle.  If you happen to drive around an RV or tour bus on a day to day basis, then you have no problems.  However, if you drive a normal car, then some tricky issues come into play when attempting to turn your car into a seedy motel.  These tips can serve to allow for enjoyable car-sex without risking injury or incarceration.


Having sex in a car is difficult enough when parked — let alone trying to pull off this feat while actually driving.  Many surely have boasted pulling off this stunt, however, you would be well served to park the car first.  No matter how horny you are, there is no excuse for risking the lives of your fellow motorists as well as your own.  Find a dark spot, park, relax and enjoy the act without the attendant risk of getting your dick bitten off should you unexpectedly need to slam on the brakes.

Back Seat

If you have one, the back seat is obviously the most conducive place within the vehicle to have sex.  Depending upon your car, the back seat can accommodate missionary, doggy style or her straddling you on top.  Just make sure to move the front seats to their most forward position and to tuck the seatbelt receptors into the seat.  The one downside of the back seat is that it requires her to exit the car and get back in prior to getting naked — this delay and bit of fresh air could make her think twice about the propriety of fucking in your car — a phenomenon you’d obviously wish to avoid.

Front Seat

Should you not desire to risk her having second thoughts while transitioning to the back seat, then the front passenger seat is your only option.  Obviously the placement of the steering wheel precludes the driver’s seat.  Your best shot at decent sex in the front passenger seat is to slide the seat back as far as it will go and have her sit on your facing forward — using the dash as leverage to press back against you.  Be advised, when utilizing this strategy you have little hope of quick disengagement should a stranger — or cop — approach the car, so the front seat is best only used when you are assured of a high degree of privacy.

Exterior of the Car

Depending upon the make and model of your car, the hood can prove to be an excellent platform for an impromptu encounter.  Should car-sex be prevalent within your normal routine, then you probably want to keep a nice blanket handy in the trunk.  Obviously, the weather has a big say on whether sex outside the car is viable as well as how secluded the location is where you parked.  For those who don’t wish to risk a dent, having her bend over with her hands on the hood — a la a traffic stop arrest — will always work just fine.

The Law

Obviously, the law frowns upon public sexual displays — and the risk is always present of adverse legal consequences when using your car as your love den.  In the worst scenario, you’d be seen by kids and be branded as some sort of flasher or other pervert.  Hence, one should take great care in selecting a secluded location — and planning your escape in advance should it become necessary.


Getting cum stains all over your car seats is probably not a good idea on several levels.  Consequently, ensure you always have a supply of tissues in your glove compartment — just in case.  Also, keeping a towel in the trunk (along with a blanket) is an easy step which can help to prevent soiling your nice leather seats unnecessarily.

Done with some forethought and common sense, sex in your car can be safe and exciting.  Done incorrectly, it can be painful, messy and humiliating.  Chances are at some point or another you’ll face this challenge — hopefully the above tips can help smooth out some of the wrinkles usually encountered during this type endeavor.

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  1. Sir Cameron says:

    Nice tips!

    Tissues and a towel won’t help much though when she squirts all over the interior. Perhaps a good addition would be to keep a bottle of grapeseed oil with the towel too, so the Lady can get a decent warm up first. You also forgot to mention the nice opportunity to play some cosy music in the car to lift up the mood.

    Make sure you will not be caught, to spare her the embarassment, yet express your fear of being watched to your Lady several times; the ‘risk’ will add spice to your play.

    Don’t forget the moonlight; so you can praise her beauty.

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