15 iPhone Apps You Might Be Missing

With the ever increasing universe of iPhone apps it is almost impossible to avoiding missing a few good ones here and there.  HardyMag has compiled a list of 15 iPhone apps that many of you might be missing — to your detriment.  Each of these apps excels at what they do, and they can help with everything from business travel to acting as your own personal trainer.

Atomic Browser

Mobile Safari has its high points, but in others it shows serious shortcomings.  Atomic Browser enhances your browsing experience allowing for private browsing, truly tabbed browsing and user-agent spoofing which comes in especially handy when accessing Netflix via your iPhone.  If you’re using Mobile Safari without the Atomic Browser app, then you are definitely missing out on several useful features.


For those who desire minute by minute push notifications, Boxcar is a neat app which integrates with Facebook, Twitter, email, Growl and RSS whisking updates immediately to your iPhone.  With the Boxcar app, you’re never more than a few seconds behind the most recent changes.

Dragon Dictation

Apple’s own voice dictation app is decent, but Dragon Dictation adds several utilitarian features which greatly enhances the functionality of these often buggy dictation apps.  You can use Dragon Dictation to dictate texts and emails, and the app integrates well with both Twitter and Facebook.  Voice recognition technology is far from perfect, but Dragon Dictation is a good stand in for when you’re unable to unwilling to type or text.


The Evernote iPhone app allows you to grab text, images and voice notes with ease.  This app also utilizes occular character recognition in support of searching for text embedded within your images.  Evernote is one mobile app which is every bit as robust as its desktop counterpart.

Find My iPhone

This app can come in handy when you misplace your iPhone — or if it is unfortunately stolen.  Keep in mind that you need a MobileMe subscription in order to make this app worthwhile — at $99 a year this subscription is fairly pricey, but can prove to be far cheaper than replacement costs for those prone to lose their gadgets.


Hipstamagic is a really neat app which allows you to emulate old film stocks and camera types.  You’ll be astounded at the results, and Hipstamagic allows you to express a high level of creativity when snapping photos with your iPhone.  Beware, Hipstamagic can be addictive and become expensive with a price of $1 for each new lens.


Nothing is more tedious than waiting on hold, and LucyPhone steps in to allow you to divert your attention to more productive matters instead of listening to hold Muzak.  LucyPhone can also be a minute-saver for those without unlimited plans.


Mint is the ultimate app when it comes to keeping track of your money.  Not only does Mint track all of your various checking, savings and investment accounts, but it also kicks out useful budgeting analysis and statistics enabling you to make smarter spending decisions.

Movies Now

While HardyMag might be the best place for movie reviews, finding where that movie is playing near you falls within the domain of the Movies Now app.  This app automatically determines your location and feeds you information about the applicable showtimes nearest you for the movie you desire to see.  This ability to automatically detect your location makes the Movies Now app worth the two bucks versus similar free movie showtime apps without geolocation capabilities.


Many of you have discovered the wonders of Pandora, but it was traditionally difficult to easily deploy.  However, now that iOS4 has multitasking support, Pandora can run seamlessly in the background allowing you to discover new music without the previous hassles.


There are quite a few apps out there which seek to become your virtual personal trainer thus streamlining your workout routine, however, Runkeeper takes keeping track of your runs to a new level.  Statistical analysis akin to what you receive while on a treadmill is at your fingertips even when running outside.  The best part is that this app is free.


When it comes to text capture, Simplenote reigns supreme.  This app facilitates very rapid note entry into your iPhone, and the app syncs with the free Simplenote service allowing you to pull down your notes from wherever you happen to be.


This app takes your iPhone’s camera capabilities to the next level.  Snapture provides photo editing tools, and it greatly streamlines the process required in order to snap pictures on the fly.  This app will set you back $1.99, but the improvement you’ll see within the quality of your iPhone pics makes it well worth the price.

Textfree Unlimited

For those who are sick of outrageous bills emanating from bad texting habits, the Textfree Unlimited app allows you to both send and receive texts at no cost.  The app even allows for a dedicated number to be created solely for Textfree Unlimited messages.  The app itself is free as well — however, as with most free services you’ll be subjected to advertising when using the Textfree Unlimited service.


The TripIt app is ideal for helping to plan either business travel or a personal vacation.  The TripIt service, along with the TripIt app, are must-haves for both road warriors as well as casual travelers.

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