#180 – *Soft Spoken* Physical Therapy Session Spa Experience

Welcome back to the Spa! I have a massage video coming in the next week or two, in the meantime I thought you’d appreciate a little session with the Spa’s physical therapist. A relaxing session involving stretching your muscles. **Around 1:35ish you hear me say I’m putting music on. That was my intention but when I put the music in, it didn’t work at all so I’m saving the track for either my massage video or my world relaxation video. So just ignore that part!** I spent about an hour watching Physical Therapy video’s on youtube before I recorded this so I may not be a actual physical therapist, you can still try out the exercises for the muscles mentioned 🙂 Also, I used this picture because when I think of physical therapy it all sounds so… clinical. I thought the picture would be more relaxing 🙂 Just incase there are any Latin language nerds here, I know ‘Eternus Vita’ isn’t correct but i used this name in my last video and I decided to stick with it because I like it 🙂 Here is the famous #100th video, a Full Body Massage, also at the spa: www.youtube.com Please comment and like! Follow me! www.facebook.com www.twitter.com sombananabread.blogspot.co.uk


  1. AuroraWhispers says:

    Hehe thankyou!!!

  2. AuroraWhispers says:

    Ahh best compliment ever!

  3. AuroraWhispers says:

    Hahaha yes they sound quite similar haha

  4. AuroraWhispers says:

    Stay tuned!

  5. AuroraWhispers says:

    Hey, thankyou! Yes I’ll be doing another massage video that could be good for sleep 🙂

  6. AuroraWhispers says:


  7. AuroraWhispers says:

    Hahaha pleasant dreams!

  8. AuroraWhispers says:

    Who, you? Hahaha hi 😀

  9. AuroraWhispers says:

    Happy naptime!

  10. AuroraWhispers says:


  11. AuroraWhispers says:

    Hahaha great! 😀

  12. AuroraWhispers says:

    Ah thankyou!!

  13. chuck norris says:

    … holy shit… try watching this while high and drunk… effect x10 XD *burp*

  14. messager3000 says:

    At last I found time to watch it … Ahh yes !

  15. Porly62 says:

    You sound a bit nervous…nonetheless, great video – you’re the best!

  16. AuroraWhispers says:

    Probably because I was improvising haha but thankyou!!! 😀

  17. 34comecome says:

    Me facina tu acento! te amo!!!

  18. bluedog1113 says:

    Pleaseeee do another nail tapping/candy eating video!

  19. sacredheartrelax says:

    I am a physical therapist! And I love this! Maybe I’ll try my hand at whispering a PT visit one day….

  20. AuroraWhispers says:

    Thumbs up from an actual PT? Yayy! Thankyou!! And go for it!! 😀

  21. Arcexey says:

    I am a PT as well, and I have to say this is quite well done. It actually gives an aura of confidence, showing that you know what you are talking – – which is important in asmr videos, imo. You asked relevant questions and it kept the fantasy real.
    -Arcexey, Pokemon Trainer.


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  23. MrPowerfulMessage says:

    That is my Dream house
    only thing missing is my Xbox 360 and Cats ^_^

  24. whitenoiseauricle says:

    wow, this video is amazing! Happy to have stumbled upon this gem :)

  25. Selah0412 says:

    This is your best video, IMO. 🙂

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