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Six Tips For Having Anal Sex

If you go by what you see in porn movies, chicks have no problem taking it up their ass while purring and moaning with pleasure. The reality is that most girls you date would be screaming bloody murder should you precipitously put your dick up her butt. To most girls, anal sex represents a final frontier — one which must be approached with caution and care.

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Five Really Stupid Guys

At HardyMag we pride ourselves in catering to a relatively intelligent and sophisticated male audience, however, some members of our gender seem determined to reinforce male stereotypes of stupidity which have existed since caveman days.

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Top 10 Last Minute Labor Day Vacation Ideas

Some of you have yet to make plans for the upcoming Labor Day weekend, while others might have existing plans which are threatened by the current path of Hurricane Earl. If you are looking for an affordable last minute vacation for this weekend, then this list should provide ample options for both outdoorsmen as well as city-dwellers

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