3 Mistakes To Avoid At the Start Of A Relationship

Einstein’s definition of insanity was the trying of the same thing over and over, receiving the same result.  According to this definition, many guys are insane when it comes to relationships.  We make the same mistakes over and over, and despite shooting ourselves in the foot we do the same thing again.  One possible explanation is that we are oblivious to our own behaviors — many of us make some of the following relationship mistakes without even realizing it.

Being Too Eager

Guys have the proclivity to be too eager within several contexts when it comes to relationships.  Obviously, we are often eager to get naked — and that is entirely natural.  However, within this realm the tortoise often beats the hare — slowing down a bit might be to your advantage.  Being too eager can also relate to early signs of co-dependence or clinginess.  No matter how much you are into her, retain a bit of aloofness.  Many girls like a challenge, and if you don’t give them at least a little one they’ll end up losing interest quickly.

Too Much Information

Girls are usually smart enough not to bring up former boyfriends, but many guys inexplicably desire to talk about their ex’s.  This can serve as a major turn-off to a girl, and they really don’t want to hear the details of your last failed relationship.  Nor do they desire to know your various neurosis or deep dark secrets on the first date.  Retain some level of mystery — at the initial stages of a relationship there are many topics best left untouched.

Don’t Show Off

Successful guys often have the urge to flaunt the trappings of their success at the early stage of a relationship. There is no doubt that the symbols of wealth and success are the ultimate aphrodisiac, however, there is a fine line between self confidence and arrogance.  Girls are more impressed with subtle displays, and are more turned on by success itself as opposed to any of your cars, boats or other toys.  Emphasize what got you there — as opposed to the material fruits of your success.

Many guys make one of these three mistakes — over and over again.  During the initial phases of your next relationship, think honestly whether you are guilty of any of these three common offenses.  If you are, it’s not too late to change and approach your relationships with a bit more sanity.

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