3 New Album Releases

Three new albums have been recently released which we feel will appeal to the HardyMag reader.  These albums are from three disparate bands, but they all possess the requisite energy and creativity needed to satisfy our readers.

The Drums – The Drums

The Drums - The Drums

The Drums were the center of buzz last summer with their trendy Summertime! EP, and this summer they have released their first self-titled full album.  The track Let’s Go Surfing, which started all the buzz, was remixed for this album and takes on a more refined and finished tone.  The Drums is unabashed in their pop appeal, and their first album is dripping with glossy reverb and replete with catchy harmonies.  Their sound is a synthesis of 50’s beach music combined with 80’s indie riffs, and the result is a unique blend which has served to create an increasing fan base for the band.

The lyrics on the album range from lonesome love stories to break-up ballads.  Part Beach Boys and part The Smiths, this band has carved out an interesting niche within today’s often vanilla and boring pop music scene.  Grab Gidget, your beach blanket and The Drums before you head out to hang 10 this summer.


Colour Revolt – The Cradle

Colour Revolt’s original label, Fat Possum, dropped them after their initial album debut which surely didn’t sit well with their egos.  However, the core two members of the band carried on even after the other 3 members hit the road.  Upon finding replacements, the band was reborn, and they recently released their latest album titled The Cradle.  This album was aptly named seeing it marks a rebirth of the band, and the band’s recent travails are recounted in detail within the album’s opening track, “8 Years”.

The Cradle marks a strong comeback for Colour Revolt, yet it fails to live up to the obvious inherent talent residing within the group.  Nonetheless, The Cradle still remains among the best albums released this summer, and is definitely worth checking out.  We are sure to hear more about Colour Revolt as their new iteration progresses and becomes more cohesive.


Teen Daze – Four More Years

Somewhat akin to The Drums, Teen Daze captures a bye-gone era of beachy frivolity encapsulated by the beach movies of the 1950’s.  As opposed to synthing this era with 80’s indie like The Drums, Teen Daze is more a fusion of 50’s beach music and 70’s bands like ELP.  Four More Years is the debut album from Teen Daze, and as initial efforts go it is quite impressive.  Songs including “Shine On You Crazy White Cap” (an obvious play on the Pink Floyd classic) and “Gone For The Summer” encapsulate the Teen Daze sound, and the band has developed impressive cohesiveness despite their limited tenure.

The beats within Four More Years are danceable, and Teen Daze fits the bill when you’re seeking upbeat and fun summer party music.  Listening to both Teen Daze and The Drums is an interesting experience, following how two different bands take 50’s beach music into divergent directions.

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