3 New Movies Worth Seeing

As the summer movie season is heating up, it appears that Hollywood is falling back upon its usual mix of action, comedy and chick movies.  However, three new movies in theaters nationally provide for fun and imaginative escapes from the myriad depressing issues of the day.  These movies are vastly different in nature, but they all share the commonality of touching upon typical male fantasies within their respective realms.

Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel (July 30th)

Hugh Hefner has set the bar when it comes to living a fantasy life.  This new film features Hef playing a lead cameo role, and it chronicles the impact he has had within both genders. Although well known for his pursuit of Grade-A young ass, this film highlights the full range of Hefner’s diverse interests and passions.  Director Brigitte Berman combines archival footage along with Hefner contemporaries giving their perspectives on Hef’s wide ranging and deep impacts upon American culture and society.

The movie is a treasure trove of history and Americana, and it features interviews with icons including James Caan, Dr. Ruth, Jenny McCarthy, Shannon Tweed, Gene Simmons and Mike Wallace.  Many viewers might be surprised to learn about the depth of Hefner’s involvement within the civil rights movement as well as his dedication to other social causes.  During the dark days of McCarthyism, Hef was well known for booking blacklisted guests while other hosts lacked the nerve needed to provoke the Junior Senator from Wisconsin.

This movie gives viewers a glimpse inside the life of one of the greatest American male heroes of all time.  When it comes to living a fantasy life, Hef has set a standard which may very well never be transcended.  Now at 83, as you’ve surely seen on reality tv or some other forum, Hef is still going strong and getting more than the vast majority of guys a quarter of his age.  This new film gives guys of all ages a chance to briefly immerse themselves in what it’s like to be Hef.

Inception (July 16th)

The new film Inception entails a complexly fantastic plot akin to what was experienced in Terminator and the Matrix.  It is difficult to review this movie without giving away much of the plot, but suffice to say this movie immerses viewers in a figurative — as well as literal — dream world.  The film stars  Leonardo DiCaprio who plays the role of a “dream thief” able to penetrate his victim’s dreams while in pursuit of stealing his target’s most deep and valuable secrets.  This movie is a blockbuster in the truest sense, and its complexity, enormity and scope will ensure this movie enters the pantheon of classic sci-fi fantasy thrillers.

Ellen Page gives a tremendous performance opposite DiCaprio.  The movie takes the audience on a deep journey through several layers of consciousness woven together within a thought-provoking plot.  The acting, action sequences and intensity level all deliver — Inception should be among the first, out of the current crop of movies, on your list.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (July 14th)

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is Jerry Bruckheimer’s second Disney film this summer, and it is sure to satisfy a wide variety of viewers in addition to hardcore fans of this type genre.  The plot revolves around a centuries-old sorcerer Balthazar (played by Nicolas Cage) who is searching for a new apprentice.  He finds his unlikely new assistant Dave (played by Jay Baruchel) in New York.  Dave actually turns out to be the last descendant of Merlin, however, his interests more center on pursuing the girl of his dreams (played by Teresa Palmer) as opposed to delving into the world of sorcery.

Although Cage gives a stand-out performance, his supporting cast fails to deliver.  In totality, the acting within this movie is lackluster, but this may be more the fault of the script as opposed to the actors.  However, there are some truly engaging action scenes, and the appeal of the movie transcends that of a typical sorcery-theme flick.  Elements of this movie also make it a good choice for first dates, and it is also a good choice for when you have kids in tow.

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