5 Really Strange Fetishes

HardyMag encourages our readers to explore their sexual fantasies, and not to let so called societal “norms” dictate their behavior.  If your fetish dictates that you have group sex with 4 sorority sisters wearing Sarah Palin masks — that is your God given right as a guy.  However, there are limits to our tolerance, and if any of the following fetishes appeal to you, then we ask that you cancel your HardyMag membership.


This fetish entails having a morbidly obese woman sit on your face.  Aside from the obvious risks associated with such behavior — it’s just, um, disgusting.  Don’t get us wrong, there are quite a few women worthy of sitting on our faces — but these chicks are not among them.  If any of you happen to be afflicted with this fetish, then we urge you to at least keep it to yourself in shame as opposed to demonstrating it to the world on the fucking Tyra Banks Show like the guy in this picture did.



Termed by psychiatrists as “Objectum-Sexuality”, this fetish has you lusting after inanimate objects (your pillow when you were 13 doesn’t count).  The most popular example of someone with this fetish is Eija Berlin Wall — a woman who has been “married” to the Berlin Wall for over 30 years (wedding picture above).  The upside is that it is much easier to please a sofa or a bowling ball when compared to a high-maintenance girlfriend — and objects won’t nag you.  The downside of this human-object relationships is, uh, quite obvious.



Mucophilia is a fetish which is characterized by arousal upon seeing or hearing a sneeze.  This fetish is relatively harmless, albeit a bit strange.  One could imagine mucophliacs searching online dating site profiles for girls with allergies.  If you do have this fetish, then make sure you practice safe-mucophilia making her cover her mouth each time.



Looners are a bit looney, but their fetish relates to balloons as opposed to crazy people.  An entire subculture of looners have arisen on the Internet, and this fetish is said to be a spin-off from the latex fetish for those seeking more of a bang.  Looners give new meaning to the term “blow job”.



As with many bizarre fetishes, robotophilia originated in Japan.  The object of this fetish is — yes — robots.  Life-like female robots are becoming all the rage in Japan, and this trend is sure to come to America soon.  Maybe robotophiliacs aren’t so fucked up after all — what chick have you ever met who could store your data, suck your cock on demand and cook your dinner in a microwave implanted within her stomach?  And, if the two of you end up being wired differently and the relationship ends — she won’t take half of everything you own.

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  1. JMike says:

    I’d like to add 2 odd fetishes, one I’ve been exposed to, and one I’ve indulged in: Women who like to grasp a man’s neck during sex (dated a woman who continually her her thumbs positioned oddly against my throat), and, not just long fingernails, which I’ve had a fetish for years, but, broken long fingernails. My older sister and her friends all had really long nails when I was in my horny teens, and, if they broke one and threw it away, I’d fish it out of the trash and keep it. Had a small box of them, and would sometimes re-polish each one.

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