8 Tips For Guys Going On A Blind Date

With all of the ways to meet chicks that exists today, a blind date seems almost like an anachronism.  However, there will be occasions when you can’t avoid getting set up on a blind date by one of your parents or as a favor to one of your buddy’s girlfriends who has a friend she says is “just perfect” for you.  If you should up and she turns out to be a pig or complete bitch, then most of the following tips become moot seeing you could care less what she thinks, but if heeded a few of these tips can provide you with a much needed quick exit.  Conversely, if you are happily surprised with what you see, then the following tips can help break the ice of a blind date and give you the best shot of scoring:

Be Sensitive To Her Discomfort

A blind date is just as uncomfortable for her as it is for you.  Women tend to be overly shy and apprehensive during the initial moments of a blind date, and you need to be accommodating to this phenomenon.  Keep it casual and pressure-free.  Initial conversations should be innocuous and meant solely to break the ice.  Give her an hour or so to warm up, and avoid the inclination to judge her on her behavior when you first pick her up for the blind date.


Manage Expectations

Her comfort on a blind date is further helped via managing expectations.  These expectations can relate either to your hopes for scoring or an expectation that the blind date will be a start of a life-long relationship.  In reality, the odds are that neither will happen — but you never know.  Make it clear through your actions and comments at the start of the blind date that you just looking forward to having a fun time with her, get to know her and play down any expectations you may have.  This will relieve pressure and put her in a more relaxed mind frame.


Focus On Her

The easiest way to break the ice during the first hours of a blind date is to focus on her.  Chicks obviously love to talk about themselves, and centering the conversation on her likes, desires, job, etc will accomplish multiple goals.  This establishes true interest in her which she will sense, and she will always have something to say about her own interests which serves to avoid moments of uncomfortable silence.  If you really have high hopes for the blind date, then ask whoever set you up a few questions about her in order to enable being better prepared to discuss subjects within her realm of interest.


Be the Leader

Take control of the blind date right from the planning stage.  Although it might seem like a considerate thing to ask her input on where she desires to go on the date, this is not advised. Make all of the plans yourself — she will appreciate you taking charge of the situation.  Having contingency plans is a good idea when planning for a blind date.  If during dinner you decide she isn’t for you and further conversation will be tedious, then a movie is a great option which facilitates sitting in silence with her.  Conversely, if during dinner your interest is piqued, then your contingency plan to hit the clubs — or a quiet lounge for a drink and conversation — can come into play.


Be Modest

On a blind date there is no history which gives her a basis to judge your character.  If you feel compelled to immediately impress her, then this could come off as being self centered or boastful.  The above tip about focusing the conversation on her facilitates this greatly.  Definitely convey your strengths, but do it in a modest and subtle way.  A blind date puts both of you in an initial mind set of trying to figure out what is wrong with each other.  Don’t give her an excuse to make a snap judgement that you are conceited — which is high on many girl’s list of turn-offs.  However, if you truly are a conceited prick, then you might as well let your true self come out sooner rather than later.


Eye Contact and Body Language

Making eye contact and watching your body language is always important when pursuing chicks, but it becomes even more crucial when on a blind date.  Look her in the eye while conversing, and lean towards with your body squarely facing hers.  Don’t cross your arms or fiddle with your iPhone or the like — these are strong signals that you are not interested in her, and she’ll pick up on them quickly.  She’ll be even more sensitive than normal to initial signals conveyed on a blind date, and your initial discomfort might cause you to send a bad signal even if you are truly interested in her.


Turn On Your Psycho Radar

If the blind date was set up by someone close to you who really knows you, then odds are that they are not setting you up with a complete psycho.  However, if the blind date was arranged by a more casual acquaintance, then you must be ready should she turn out to be one of the 15% of the single female population who are truly nuts.  Most importantly, don’t turn off your psycho radar if you initially find her to be very attractive in a physical sense.  Many guys start letting their little head think for the big one, and they do not become attuned to the blaring psycho warnings in that back of their heads until the proverbial rabbit has been boiled.


Exit Strategy

As with going to war, plans for a blind date need to include viable exit strategies.  Also akin to war, the object of an exit strategy is to facilitate peace — but with honor.  You don’t want her to feel truly rejected, especially if the blind date was set up by someone close to you.  An exit strategy relates to both plans as well as a good “excuse” for why going forward on a second date isn’t a good idea.  Although it is often the easiest route, do not feign interest thinking you’ll just blow her off and never call.  This will only create unneeded drama as she waits for your call and inevitably gets whoever set up the blind date into the middle of the situation.  If you won’t be calling, make it clear at the end of the blind date.  Try to devise a way to blame it on yourself or some other such reason which avoids her feeling rejected.

Hopefully these tips will help make the occasional blind date more tolerable if you don’t end up liking her, or alternatively help you within your pursuits if you are pleasantly surprised.

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