A Buster Keaton Montage

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  1. setburger says:

    can anyone tell me wats the name of the movie at 1:04?

  2. weepingprophet says:

    The Navigator. 

  3. 2tfts says:

    ..And he did ALL his own stunts !! He DID break his neck once during filming–and kept going! In the scene with the building falling around him (Steamboat Bill jr) he only had about 1″ in all directions from the heavy prop hitting him!! Every stunt he does is just so AMAZING!! Done with incredible timing; and without green screens, stunt men, “computer enhanced”, etc.. And he makes it look so effortless !! So entertaining!(One suggestion:I do replace the background music when I watch silents)

  4. iFramtiden says:

    I was bored, so I made a little video.

    I took a chase scene from Buster Keaton – “COPS”, and removed the sound. And then, instead of classical music I put DUBSTEP as background music (a modern type of extreme dance music with lots of wierd sounds, deep basslines and heavy drums).

    The result was pretty interesting, so I decided to upload it to Youtube.

    To see it, go to my channel or go to this link:


  5. weepingprophet says:

    I did.

  6. MrMyWave says:

    Keaton said Dont say cut unless I’m dead.

  7. MrSamram3 says:

    Oh wow! This guy, Buster Keaton, was just phenomenal! He Rocked! So funny! Think about it young people, he did this stuff 80 or 90 years ago! He’s still funny! Almost a century later, he’s STILL Funny!

  8. qerenbg says:

    Nice! What is the name of the film at :38 and 1:39?

  9. Sophie Cheng says:

    wow, i watched this a while back and was just watching your walking through time and came back to this, which i pretty awesome not gonna lie (and don’t blink)

  10. MineNazi says:

    Your username doesn’t happen to be half a reference from Doctor Who, does it?

  11. TheXand19 says:

    Those props are pretty impressive. I think I’d kill for that falling apart car.

  12. Abel Harbour says:

    @TheXand19 I’ll sell you mine. It’s been falling apart for years. I still have most of it in the garage tho 😉

  13. ale gomez says:

    Cool montage

  14. AngstyLady says:

    I clicked on this video because the name Buster Keton looks familiar to me but I don’t know why. I clicked on more videos by you after watching your video talking to your 12yr old self becaus eI liked your name. 🙂

  15. mrmontanamike69 says:

    After the interview with yourself, I had to check out your other videos. You are amazing. I think the future is very bright for you!

  16. vrikey says:

    Anybody likes Keaton oughta watch “The Railrodder” here on youtube, where he zips across Canada in an electric rail-car. One of Buster’s final starring roles, from the early 60s.

  17. DoJoPetro says:

    Thanks—own it. Buster “The Great Stone Face” Keaton was pure genius to the end. Critic Roger Ebert called him “arguably, the greatest actor-director in the history of the movies.” Orson Welles referred to Keaton’s movie “The General” as “the greatest comedy ever made, the greatest Civil War film ever made, and perhaps the greatest film ever made.” Thanks for the nice montage. Subbed.

  18. weepingprophet says:

    The Bell Boy. It’s one of his Arbuckle shorts.

  19. Bitchesgotnotaste says:

    ahh no way I didnt know you made this video I saw this a few months back I love Buster Keaton! 😀

  20. nijabonana says:

    I like chaplin better, will always stay true to sir charles chaplin!

  21. shaqpopcorn34 says:

    chaplin is worse

  22. Martindelcarpiomusic says:

    love it! Happy B-day Buster!

  23. Dysprogue says:

    Does anyone know where this version of down to the well is from? It sounds completely different from the Bossanova version.

  24. weepingprophet says:

    It’s from The Purple Tape, which is their original demo.

  25. Dysprogue says:


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