A Few Unique Ways To Grill Steak

Labor Day is just a few short days away and perhaps one of the last chances to have a really killer grill out.  Making and serving a good steak for your guests is key to a great backyard barbeque.  Modern techniques and machines allow us to grill inside the kitchen. However, the problem has always remained the same.  How do you make the steak properly grilled yet juicy and flavorful. One of the most important rules to a great steak is to remember not to serve it immediately after cooking. The juices tend to stick on the surface rather than inside the meat. If the steak is served after 10-15 minutes of grilling, then the juices and flavor sink into the meat. Here are some unique ways to grill steak for a memorable and delicious barbeque.

Choose steaks that are not very thick or very thin. Inappropriate steaks cause most of the problems. 1-inch thick steaks are good for grilling. Marinate the meat with limejuice, salt, ginger-garlic paste, green chili paste and red chili powder for about three to four hours. Then pop it on the grill.

1.  Grilling the steak on charcoal fire gives a great flavor.  If you’ve got the option of grilling it over charcoal, it will be ideal. The meat should be marinated     with a portion of Tequila, salt, spices like a pinch of turmeric, chili powder and garlic paste. The smoke of the fire will add to the taste.

2.  A proper marinade makes the meat soft and chewy. Vinegar is one of the best ingredients to marinate the meat. If you have access to chilly vinegar, it will taste even better. A good option of grilling the steak can be with peppercorn. The taste of pepper brings spicy notes. The marinated meat should be smeared with pepper which is half crushed and then grilled over the charcoal fire or gas burner.  This is a great preparation.

3.  Mustard sauce is another favorite with many people. The steaks have to be well marinated with either vinegar or limejuice and salt.  Then pick your choice of mustard sauce.  Cook the steaks rare to medium in this recipe for the best taste. Seasoning with fresh herbs of your choice will bring out the flavors as well.

One of the most important things to note while grilling is that the steak should not be turned many times. It tends to dry the meat. Harder meat can also cause dryness while eating. Try to make it soft by letting it grill and not turning it over and over.

If you try some of the suggestions above you will no doubt have a kick-ass grill out.

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  2. You got the “let your meat rest” part that most people never do, but you also miss a few other key points.

    Always bring the steaks to room temperature before working with them.

    Rub both sides of the steak with oil and spinkle on generous amounts of salt and pepper (some will fall off during cooking). You can apply other spices at this time — but why would you want to?

    Place your meat first on the hot zone to quickly sear the outside and lock in the juices. Cook each side for about three minutes to get the crust color you want. At about one minute, rotate the pieces 45 degrees to get those perfect grill marks that you see in the restaurant.

    Then move your meat to the warm zone for finishing to your doneness preference.


    Mark – The Weekend Griller

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