A Guy’s Guide To The Top 10 Sex Toys For Her

These days, sex toys can be so complex that upon looking at one you can’t decipher whether it was meant to go in her pussy, ass, mouth, ear, or all 4.

Our HardyMag staff has spent countless grueling hours testing a wide variety of sex toys on a nice selection of females, and all of this hard work and sacrifice has allowed us to grade the most common sex toys you’ll see today on the shelves. The following are HardyMag’s top ten rated sex toys for women which will hopefully ensure that your next special present for her is truly orgasmic. Ratings range from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest.

Alumination Vibrator

The Alumination vibrator is a lower priced option which doesn’t entail a substantial sacrifice of quality and pleasure. This vibrator has three speeds, and it comes in a sleek and modern design.

HardyMag rating for quality: 3.5

The Alumination is sturdily constructed, but it does not match the quality of many of the higher end sex toys currently on the market.

HardyMag rating for pleasure: 3.75

The Alumination is far more powerful than similar vibrators at this price point, and it is sure to spark sufficient moans of pleasure. Some women feel that the design is it bit too slim and could stand to have a bit more girth.


Couture Cyclone

The Couture Cyclone mainly stands out because of its design as opposed to its functionality. However, it is still a powerful vibrator, and safety is assured by using medical grade silicone.

HardyMag rating for quality: 4.75

The Couture Cyclone has a cute design she is sure to love, and safe materials which won’t harm her.

HardyMag rating for pleasure: 3.25

Although other competing vibrators have stronger vibrations, the Couture Cyclone still has seven full modes of operation and a curved tip which facilitates hitting her G-Spot.


Decadent Indulgence Ultimate

The “Ultimate” model is the latest released by famous sex toy manufacturer Decadent Indulgence, and as its name implies it is among the elite within the vibrator universe. The Ultimate has eight full modes of rotation and clitoral stimulation. The clitoral stimulator can be controlled independently from shaft rotation. With the Ultimate, she can also transition back and forth between vibration, pulsating and escalation modes.

HardyMag rating for quality: 3.75

Primarily constructed of safe and sturdy materials, the Ultimate is reliable and will last even after her more intense sessions.

HardyMag rating for pleasure: 4.5

The escalation mode along with powerful vibrations and clitoral stimulation ensure that this sex toy really will provide her with the “Ultimate” orgasm.



No, the iVibe is not made by Apple, and it is not compatible with your iPhone or iPad. However, like these Apple products, the iVibe employs the latest in microchip technology towards maximizing her pleasure. The pressure sensitive controls on the iVibe allow for the ultimate control when transitioning between soft clitoral stimulation and intense rotation.

HardyMag rating for quality: 4.5

Made by reputable manufactured Doc Johnson, the iVibe is unique with its microchip technology, and it is constructed of materials which are free of phthalates. The iVibe is built to last.

HardyMag rating for pleasure: 4.5

The microchip driven operation along with the independently controllable speed and rotation controls ensures that the iVibe will leave her moaning and begging for more.


Mystic Wand

The Mystic Wand is one of the most powerful vibrators on the market, and it offers the user six different operating modes. Make sure you don’t use this one on her if anyone else is home, or you risk them hearing her moans and yells.

HardyMag rating for quality: 4.5

The Mystic Wand is manufactured by Vibratex which is a leading Japanese maker of sex toys. Products made by this company have a long reputation for durability and safety.

HardyMag rating for pleasure: 4.75

This is a truly powerful vibrator with six speeds and pulsating modes. If the Mystic Wand doesn’t satisfy her, than it is likely that nothing will.


Velvet Touch Pocket Rocket

The Pocket Rocket is small in size, waterproof, and delivers a large amount of pleasure. The operation of this vibrator is extremely quiet, and it can be conveniently hidden away which makes it an excellent option for travel. The Pocket Rocket is a testament to the old saying that it is not the size of the boat, but it is the motion of the ocean.

HardyMag rating for quality: 4.75

This vibrator is constructed of durable and safe materials, and one that we reviewed that had been subjected to substantial use (no, we won’t tell you her name) showed absolutely no wear or tear.

HardyMag rating for pleasure: 4.0

The results from this small battery-powered vibrator are truly surprising considering its size and power supply. Girls who require a large object for penetration will obviously not be fully satisfy with this choice, however, those who put clitoral stimulation at the top of their list will certainly love the Pocket Rocket.


Rabbit Pearl

The Rabbit Pearl is made by renowned sex toy company Vibratex, and it features an attractive design and a powerful motor. The Rabbit Pearl is made of safe Elastomer which contains no phthalates — a material which has raised some health concerns in some circles. This material is also exceptionally soft and pliable.

HardyMag rating for quality: 5.0

In terms of quality and construction, the Rabbit Pearl is the Rolls Royce of the vibrator world.

HardyMag rating for pleasure: 4.5

The rotating shaft and clitoral stimulation imparted by the Rabbit Pearl are sure to trigger intense orgasms.


Spicy Rabbit

Pussies from all over the world have come to love the Spicy Rabbit. The “ears” on this naughty rabbit are perfectly positioned to facilitate maximum clitoral stimulation. Furthermore, unlike several other rabbit designs, the ears are sturdily constructed preventing them from folding when exposed to especially rigorous use.

HardyMag rating for quality: 4.0

The Spicy Rabbit is of quality construction, and it is manufactured by one of the largest purveyors of sex toys.

HardyMag rating for pleasure: 4.5

The clitoral stimulator within the Spicy Rabbit is quite powerful, and the shaft rotates with sufficient speed to ensure a strong orgasm. The pleasure derived from the Spicy Rabbit equates to that received from far more expensive vibrators on the market.


Wahl 7 in 1

While this product is officially marketed as a full body massager, the naughtier girls out there quickly figured out it is especially good at massaging one particular part of their anatomy. This choice is perfect for girls who would be mortified should a roommate find their vibrator — in fact, this one can be left out in the open without any shame or humiliation.

HardyMag rating for quality: 5

This is a serious piece of equipment which is designed to last. It was constructed to facilitate massaging the full body, so it certainly can fill the bill when it comes to just using it on her pussy.

HardyMag rating for pleasure: 4.75

The Wahl 7 in 1 is quite powerful, and some girls claim it is so intense that they can only bear to use it over their panties.


We Vibe 2

You vibe, I vibe, we all vibe! The We Vibe 2 is a product built for the two of you in mind. The We Vibe 2 is designed to be used while you are having sex, and you insert it prior to delivering your own package. The vibrator serves to enhance clitoral and G-Spot stimulation while you provide the main show.

HardyMag rating for quality: 4.5

The We Vibe 2 is crafted from durable and safe materials, and it will last forever. It features rechargeable batteries and a sleek carrying case.

HardyMag rating for pleasure: ??

This mainly depends on how good you are at fucking her — but suffice to say it will enhance her experience in any scenario.

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