A Men’s Guide To Chinese Food

You’ve spent myriad hours in the gym perfecting those abs — but, in most scenarios, you don’t give a moment’s thought to the adverse impacts ordering the wrong Chinese food can have on your physique.  Chinese take-out is a staple of many men’s culinary existences, and within this realm — as with most things in life — there are good choices and bad choices.  A little education can go a long way towards allowing you to enjoy Chinese cuisine without sacrificing your health or shape.

A little language lesson can serve as the most effective first step towards this end.  In addition to selections which are steamed, there are several Chinese keywords which indicate a smart choice.  Examples are “chu” which means broiled, “jum” which translates to poached, “shu” which entails barbecuing and “kow” indicating the dish is roasted.  Avoiding the fatty fried selections obviously goes a long way towards keeping your body healthy.  By focusing on dishes containing the above words you are able to fully understand what you are ordering.

The second bit of advice relates to how you eat your Chinese food.  Many find that it impresses a date to be able to deftly use chopsticks — however, this skill can provide other benefits as well.  Studies have shown that fat consumption is appreciably decreased by using chopsticks as opposed to shoveling in food with traditional American utensils.  This one little factor can help to explain the decreased incidence of cardiovascular events within the Chinese male population as opposed to their Western counterparts.

Also important is the type of sauce within the dish.  Some Chinese dishes including sweet and sour, General Tseng and Tso and lemon sauce contain an abundance of sugar and/or corn syrup.  These are obviously best avoided.  Instead, seek out dishes which include mustard-based sauces, oyster sauce or hoison sauce.  These are far more healthy and significantly reduce the caloric intake of the meal.

Obviously, focusing on vegetable dishes is healthy — but taking the beef out of the meal is hardly an approach most men would ever adopt.  A good compromise would be to avoid fatty side dishes as much as possible.  Chow Fun and Lo Mein noodles are literally soaked in oil — which will eventually end up as a set of new love handles around your waist.  The next time you are grabbing Chinese take-out in a rush, take a second and ponder what you are ordering.  Small tweaks in your ordering routine can go a long way.

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