America’s Top 25 Manly Cities

America's Top 25 Manly Cities

The makes of the snack food Combos recently financed a study which sought to quantify America’s most manly cities. The results are now in, and they are:

1. Nashville, TN

2. Charlotte, NC

3. Oklahoma City, OK

4. Cincinnati, OH

5. Denver, CO

6. St. Louis, MO

7. Columbus, OH

8. Kansas City, MO

9. Indianapolis, IN

10. Toledo, OH

11. Memphis, TN

12. Richmond, VA

13. Columbia, SC

14. Orlando, FL

15. Dayton, OH

16. Salt Lake City, UT

17. Milwaukee, WI

18. Minneapolis, MN

19. Cleveland, OH

20. Detroit, MI

21. Jacksonville, FL

22. Phoenix, AZ

23. Birmingham, AL

24. Grand Rapids, MI

25. Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL

So just how did this study go about trying to ascertain which cities are the most manly? Actually, the study appears to have conducted quite an in depth analysis based upon the following factors:

The number of local sports teams was analyzed along with the presence of other sporting events including NASCAR, monster truck events and triathlons and other races.

Men’s Lifestyle
Local memberships in organizations like motorcycle clubs, the availability of local hunting and fishing venues and the rate of local sports TV viewing were analyzed. Also looked at was the ratio between foreign and domestic car purchasing along with the percent of local vehicle sales which were pick-ups and other trucks.

Retail Stores
What type of retail shops populate the given city? Is there a large presence of sporting goods stores, gun shops and hardware stores? What types of restaurants are most popular? Vegetarian places or steakhouses?

Magazine Subscriptions
What are the most popular magazines among the city’s population. Are Maxim, Playboy, Sports Illustrated and Car & Driver high on the list?

How many minivans are registered in the city? A large number serves to seriously hurt the manly quotient.

So where does your city rank on this list? If you’re driving your minivan to pick up your vegetarian sushi take-out and the latest issue of Home & Design is on your nightstand — that might be a clue that you’ve been influenced by unmanly surroundings.


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