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Female Wrestling history According to most experts, the golden age of women’s wrestling was during the 80s and early 90s. It was then that several women-only leagues were launched and had spectators glued to their TV screens for quite a few years to come, not only through the action itself but also through the glitzy, glamorous image they promoted. Who could forget the likes of Madusa Miceli (the ultimate expression of skill and dedication in wrestling), Wendy Richter, the Queen of the Ring, Heidi Lee Morgan, Rockin Robin and scores of others. Back in those days, these wrestling women knew how to put on a show. Whenever Sherri Martel strode to the ring in one of her shiny unitards, the air became charged around her with sensuality and a sense of admiration. Magnificent Mimi’s truly magnificent frame had spectators gasping for breath, as her in-ring prowess further underscored her awesomeness. These women wrestlers dressed as women, fought as women and that’s exactly why they went down in history as the true cream of women wrestling. girls wrestling


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