Billy T. James – Guide to Exercise

Billy T. James’ beginners guide to exercise. Kiwi comedy at it’s best!

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  1. richarddrift says:

    haha thats classic

  2. grongle says:

    choice bro! haven’t seen this for yonks!

  3. alakaloite says:

    What a brilliant human being he really broke down the barrier between pakehas and brown people especially the maoris………good on ya billyT

  4. ceedogg15 says:

    “BOX 69 WHAKA ”


  5. churdoi says:

    chur Billy.. yeea baah

  6. mrtrkdlite says:

    nah wasnt a funny one

  7. stevestoner13 says:

    i thort it waz “chur” lol

  8. fenton6996 says:

    Cher, what a flashback. I didn’t know Billy T was a Waikite fan?!

  9. methylatedghosts says:

    Man, 24c stamps!!!! holy shit LOL

  10. bloodgoast says:

    good ola naki colours

  11. MrVinny1100 says:

    billys the man cher

  12. TwilightChick4671 says:

    thats not the whole video

  13. SiliconBong says:

    Ohh, 23everybreathyoutake That’s no fair, Stink :(((

  14. gunch533 says:

    im the man

  15. gentlepersuader says:

    Jeeze – last time I remember seeing 24c stamps was in 1984!

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