Buster Keaton – Boxing

www.youtube.com Buster Keaton in “Battling Butler”. The great Buster Keaton. The greatest physical comedian in cinema history. Buster Keaton Performing Stunts. Battling Butler is a 1926 comedy silent film directed by and starring Buster Keaton. Alfred’s father, portrayed as a wealthy aristocrat, feels his son has grown up too comfortably and as a result has not become what a man should be. To remedy this predicament he sends his son Alfred off on a hunting trip. On the trip, in the midst of many follies brought on by his inexperience with the outdoors, he meets a young mountain girl. After some initial friction he decides he has fallen in love with her. Alfred’s butler, who has accompanied him on the outing, is sent to arrange the marriage with the girl’s father, who thinks Alfred is too weak to become a member of the family. In an attempt to change the father’s mind, the butler tells the girl’s father and brother that Alfred is actually Alfred “Battling” Butler, promoted in the morning newspaper as a professional boxer. The deceptive explanation works, and the father and brother of the mountain girl proudly arrange a wedding. Comic mischief ensues as Alfred and his butler attempt to make their newly fabricated story seem plausible to the family of his new bride.


  1. TheCarla0209 says:


  2. eMuse5 says:

    ?? This was most definitely filmed at a “silent film speed,” not normal speed (which I assume you mean is the same as sound films).

  3. MeNoTubeFFS says:

    It’s a matter of opinion, but the difference between Keaton and chaplin seems to equal the difference between “fun” and “hilarious” for me.

  4. Arun Kumar. T says:

    tiz is my first ever video of keaton i saw…really great…nyc

  5. CosmicCaprice says:

    But my point was that it was not funny, so if they speed up the film a little maybe the speedy movements alone would make us laugh.

  6. eMuse5 says:

    Now I’m laughing at the very idea of this not being funny… 😉

  7. Patricia13386 says:

    2:01 better than Turtle Ninja xD.

  8. Notamiracleofficial says:

    How the heck have I never heard of this guy?!?

  9. Praveen Kumar says:

    now 11 !

  10. mrxyo says:

    same here 😀

  11. OldNoir says:

    I think Caplin was lucky to have had the freedom to create, Keaton’s creative freedom was ceased in the late 20s-early30s.

  12. Matheus Canazart says:

    Keaton and Chaplin have a different style. They were genious in what they did.

  13. eMuse5 says:

    My theory is that out of all the people from the silent era Chaplin is simply the most iconic figure–and the most iconic-looking figure. Once you see his little moustache, his eyebrows and hat you never forget them. If Buster’s films were more available, say, in Target or something, maybe that would change. Thank heavens they ARE all on DVD though, because of that he gains new fans every year!

  14. SteveSbc406 says:

    If you don’t see any humor in this, either you simply don’t like this type of comedy, or else you’re just narrow minded when it comes to comedy in general.

  15. nateandsophie says:

    I love how he sits and relaxes while tangled in the ropes waiting as the other men try and figure how to get him loose. Only Buster would think up such a funny stance.

  16. sangeeth666 says:

    I like Charlie Chaplin better. But i have to admit, this guy’s stunts are quite amazing.

  17. george6855 says:

    All his stunts are real

  18. dicartwright says:

    just brilliant 😀 The man’s the best, just the best. And sexy too.

  19. HansPortman says:

    i like keaton son much than chaplin, even linder

  20. monadasmoinas says:

    Keaton is a real filmmaker. Chaplin, all he cares about is his own performance…

  21. MyCooldude1985 says:

    watch city lights charlie chaplin boxing u will laugh out loud. this one evoked a smile for me. no disrespect to keaton his stunts are real

  22. kurtb8474 says:

    No matter how old he got, Buster was still able to perform amazing pratfalls.

  23. john lowe says:

    Chaplin and Keaton r awesome!

  24. sdmccoy1688 says:

    I love how buster gets in the ring! Classic!

  25. TheLiquidKnight says:

    The first rule of Fight Club is we don’t talk about Fight Club.
    The second rule is….

    …ah it’s a silent film. Carry on. 😉

    Happy Birthday Buster.

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