Buster Keaton – It’s late!

www.youtube.com Buster Keaton in “Seven chances”. The great Buster Keaton, the greatest physical comedian in cinema history. Buster Keaton Performing Stunts. Seven Chances is a 1925 American comedy silent film directed by and starring Buster Keaton, based on a play written by David Belasco. Additional casts members include T. Roy Barnes, Snitz Edwards, Ruth Dwyer, and others. The film also stars Jean Arthur, a future 1930s screwball actor, in an uncredited supporting role as a telephone operator. The film’s opening scenes were shot in early Technicolor, and this rare color footage still survives on the Kino International special edition DVD print.


  1. FlippinBooks says:

    That man was freaking amazing.

  2. CynicalMindReaders says:

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  3. SAYURU89 says:

    Wow his tricks in some movies are amazing i wish he was still alive though

  4. JeffZHigs1 says:

    wouldn’t that make him like over a 110 years old? I bet he’d still do a great fall though. 

  5. thewelford says:

    Wow !

  6. lenamay521 says:

    LMAO at everybody kissing the bride before he does. And the dog! LOL Cute! 🙂

  7. DUDENOFF says:

    Buster is like Jackie Chan was doing everything by himself…. Or Jackie Chan is like Buster 🙂

  8. 50zepher says:

    I like how you slow motion-ed at the end-a chance for us to really appreciate Buster’s skills! thanks!

  9. flaurosan says:

    it would be funnier if biggie smalls were in it

  10. DorothyShelley says:

    ha ha so funnyblimy he must have been on some thimg thati d like too move like thatgreat stuff loved it thank you mythras90x

  11. 20meerkat says:

    Dog…. Oh come on!

  12. bettydaw1970 says:

    0:43 usain bolt couldnt catch buster keaton!!!!

  13. bettydaw1970 says:

    the jazz music in the background is so money for this clip!!!!

  14. bettydaw1970 says:

    1:57 snitz edwards!!!!!!!

  15. a10fjet says:

    there is a better version out there

  16. Kats987124 says:


  17. nadiral says:

    What an incredible stuntman! And so funny!

  18. nateandsophie says:

    The most talented man of all time.

  19. tottenham4888 says:

    i am 16 and i love it

  20. iFramtiden says:

    I was bored, so I made a little video.
    I took a chase scene from Buster Keaton – “COPS”, and removed the sound. And then, instead of classical music I put DUBSTEP as background music (a modern type of extreme dance music with lots of wierd sounds, deep basslines and heavy drums).
    The result was pretty interesting, so I decided to upload it to Youtube.
    To see it, go to my channel or go to this link:

  21. AFRJSHM says:

    Buster doesn’t get tired XD

  22. stompyrompy says:

    This man fought in the world war 1 against the germans he is a white jackie chan times 2

  23. stompyrompy says:

    And boy can go fuck himself there were no special effects back then I’d like to see in actor right now a days do what Buster did back soon

  24. tamaporon says:


  25. Joni Back-Bubenzer says:

    The greatest man in history.

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