Buster Keaton – The steam boat

www.youtube.com Buster Keaton in “Daydreams”, 1922. The great Buster Keaton. The greatest physical comdedian in cinema history. Buster Keaton Performing Stunts. Daydreams is a 1922 short comedy film directed by and featuring Buster Keaton.


  1. LanchesterEarlyMusic says:

    Oooh ! Fotoplayer accomp ? 🙂 

  2. 5jonesville says:

    Another day on the treadmill!!

  3. lenamay521 says:

    I have this one on DVR. It’s one of four I recorded on there.I loved this part of it. The part where he’s running in place inside that spinning mill thing cracks me up everytime! LMAO

  4. nateandsophie says:

    He gets tossed back in the sea. LMAO!!!

  5. noway222 says:

    He’s a keeper. 😉

  6. tejasnitemd says:

    That’s funny he was tumbling around like clothes in a washing machine

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