Buster Keaton – The train

www.youtube.com Buster Keaton in “The goat”, 1921. The great Buster Keaton. The greatest physical comdedian in cinema history. Buster Keaton Performing Stunts. The Goat is a 1921 short comedy film written, directed by and starring comedian Buster Keaton. The plot involves the complications that ensue when Buster Keaton is mistaken for the criminal “Dead Shot Dan.” This short contains one of Keaton’s more memorable images: A distant, speeding train approaches the camera, and stops with a close-up of Keaton who has been sitting on the front of the train.


  1. sysmeta says:

    haha hilarious, now that was a hard thing to do uh, that was great…


  2. paduck666 says:

    I love the seen from 1:50 but i have no idea why its strangely haunting.

  3. mikes47jeep says:

    2:16 lighting the cigarette off the smoke box

  4. tryharder75 says:

    Any camera guys wanna explain this shot? it’s pretty cool.

  5. Thelastminstrel says:

    reverse the film, the start of the shot is a close up of Keaton, the train reverses from the camera, then you run the film backwards

  6. akiabara1000 says:

    un genio absoluto

  7. PoetryETrain says:

    Great this has been added to our playlists here, and in facebook, thanks, 🙂

  8. tonihott2 says:

    how about the locomotive’s steam?

  9. Thelastminstrel says:

    well, you got me there, I don’t know. I think they must have run the engine dead slow up to the camera, other wise you couldn’t stop a couple of hundred tons that cleanly.

  10. pyrofella says:

    Thank you…..I loved this silent comedy stuff…Buster was the best in the business.

  11. thefaketahare says:

    it was pretty bad ass


  12. bettydaw1970 says:

    0:26 sunset flip in pro wrestling today…its amazing how many of busters moves are used today in pro wrestling..

  13. Emerson Grotti says:


  14. martadoso9 says:


  15. ferh666 says:

    Poor Dog !!!

  16. Elvinauk says:

    This made me lol, I think his trousers really make it! I need to see some full films now!

  17. lj3fpe3 says:

    Between Buster Keaton and Helen Holmes they set the stage for the stuntworld to appreciate

  18. Lecy1982 says:

    My thought was they ran the train in reverse

  19. junkdeal says:

    Locomotive at 2:15 is a pretty rare bird- a 3-cylinder engine with the center connected to an offset crank journal. Not many made and not for long. It had an unusual-sounding exhaust.

  20. MrMovieSound says:

    so good

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