Buying Meds Online — A Good Idea?

You’ve surely been bombarded with a gazillion spam emails and other ads touting every prescription drug under the sun.  These ads can usually be put into one of two categories — that which makes large things smaller and those which claim to make small things larger.  Most saliently, pills which purport to make your waistline smaller or other things like your biceps (an additional body parts) larger.  A good general rule of thumb is that any pharmaceutical come-on received via an unsolicited email should be avoided like the plague.  However, many falsely assume that this means that one should entirely avoid purchasing prescription drugs online.

There are many reputable online pharmacies.  In fact, most major brick and mortar chains now have options for their customers to purchase their medications over the Internet.  If done right, this can be safe and secure.  However, if one takes shortcuts when buying prescription drugs online, then serious consequences can arise.  Filling prescriptions online is convenient, and it also provides for an increased level of privacy.  Understandably, many men are hesitant to purchase drugs like Valtrex, Viagra, Levitra or Cialis in face to face transactions.  Ordering online can avoid these potentially embarrassing moments when the hottie standing in line behind you at the pharmacy counter spies your scrip to treat that break out of belly button fungus.

In all seriousness, some common sense steps need to be taken prior to purchasing any prescription drug over the Internet.  Only buy drugs from licensed pharmacies with a physical location within the United States.  Make sure they have a functional telephone number — in the United States.  Being forwarded to a call center in Manila is a sign to avoid that entity and look elsewhere.  Although it may save a few dollars and a little time, avoid the temptation to ever buy prescription drugs without a valid prescription.

Sites who are willing to do this should be avoided — if they are willing to violate the law, then what else are they willing to do?  Many sites have qualified professionals on staff who can review your medical records and legally write a prescription (for certain drugs) without the necessity of an office visit.  Following these simple steps can help to ensure your safety while buying meds online.



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