C6 music video – Pacific U

Pacific University physical therapy music video, Shot and edited by Kyle Metzger, choreography by Lee Sowada, Assistant director – Matt O’conner


  1. LeBauerPT says:

    You guys are hardcore!
    Awesome video.

  2. Citygirl3487 says:

    lol you guys are awesome. What school are you guys at?

  3. and65277 says:

    Way to represent Pacific University’s School of Physical Therapy! Love it.

  4. Pinoy58jv says:

    You guys better be doing this live at CSM in New Orleans!!! Pretty epic vid. You guys are hilarious!

  5. smit2665 says:

    Great job firsties! putting us on the map! Woot woot!

  6. mansourt says:

    We are from Pacific University

  7. Scummy42 says:

    I graduated this past August from U of M-Flint’s Pt program and recently started working in Portland. When I saw this video on Thursday I about lost my mind and immediately sent it to all of my old class mates, who then sent it to their PT friends, and so on. I was so excited to show my friends at work the video on Friday morning, but when I walked into the clinic everybody was already watching it! It’s doing a pretty solid job of going viral in the PT world. Good job, PT nerds!

  8. cgc21060 says:

    oh yea- gimme my c6 ultrasound

  9. lmcgillpt says:

    Good Stuff!

  10. MPFridge says:

    From a friendly OT first year – I quite enjoyed this 🙂 Well done!!!

  11. BonBradBrew says:

    You guys are great! Still love it. I was dying at the Holiday party.

  12. Kirste Mitchell says:

    Love it!

  13. richardroseiii says:

    This is awesome, much better camera work and effects than we did on our music video a few years back… check it out…
    Thomas Test and it’s by University of the Pacific

  14. mduyck says:

    What a talented and creative group of PT students! I am sharing this with my PTA students to see if they are up to the challenge to take you on!

    You ROCK!!!!
    GO PT!!!!

  15. arid2923 says:

    amazing guys!! dpt touro nyc

  16. arid2923 says:

    im waiting for the spoof of this vid… like an S3 !!!!(or s2-s4 if you wanna be exact)

  17. Felipe Samuel Hernandez Orue says:

    awesome ***** five stars!

  18. Hell01234u says:

    PACIFIC U!!!

  19. dannytnt86 says:

    wow these physical therapists have swag. lol

  20. kippum88 says:

    FACT: Physical Therapists got talent! =]

  21. MrAndyman346 says:

    Brett. 4get PT rapper G

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