Carl On Physical Fitness

Carl On Physical Fitness


  1. MultiAcidman says:


  2. TheScienceFoundation says:


  3. 6730693 says:

    someone will kill u with a knife

  4. avenged7x55 says:

    lmao rob, now im watchin it 10 times

  5. empyblessing says:

    i have ripped abs and i approve of this message

  6. chubs6579 says:

    “You want to look good for when you get stabbed with a knife.”

  7. madhaseo8 says:

    U do what you like to do i do what i like to do okay

  8. madhaseo8 says:

    1 person didn’t look good when they got stabbed with a knife.

  9. Railkune says:

    Lmao! xD

  10. culturaleyes says:

    This might be the best Carl moment ever.  Carl’s the man!!

  11. TheoneandonlyGTA says:

    Such wisdom

  12. endlesspursuit97 says:

    i laugh at this every time

  13. Mechalindsay says:

    carl is THE shit

  14. LambdaObjection says:


  15. Nxsmo says:

    i love his optimism

  16. ijustreview says:

    Words to live by

  17. hurrayforvideogames says:

    My life would be in tatters if it wasn’t for this man. 

  18. oxleydude says:


  19. PhoenixAngel429 says:

    This is my philosphy on physical fitness too.

  20. SimpsonsSoloSimpsons says:

    240p we meet again

  21. Nos677 says:

    Someone will kill ya

  22. irishtrash15 says:

    It’s actually a plausible philosophy: You never know when you may die, so do as you please before you lose the chance.

  23. TekashiMeikute says:

    Finally, Valve is going to release a Carl costume for heavy 😀

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