Cell Phone Towers = You making $$MONEY$$

Alright everybody, here is a way to make some extra money.  We here at hardymag.com spoke with a cell phone tower company recently and found out that there is serious money to be made in the tower business.  Here is some information that we got from that interview.

It’s true, you can make money from a cell phone tower.  If you own land or a tall enough building, or know someone that does, companies like 1Source Wireless, LCC (www.1swllc.com), based in Tampa Bay, Florida will pay you a monthly rent around $1,000 for the right to lease area and develop a tower site on your property. Industry standards require a 30-50 year lease term which equals revenue between $750,000 to over $1,000,000 as the property owner. A tower site typically requires about 5,000sq/ft of land but depending on your location, size and shape may vary.

There are a lot of websites out there that are designed to fight tower sites, most of which focus on three topics; aesthetics, property values, and RF exposure. Here is some real information about these issues:

  • Aesthetics: Today most jurisdictions have adopted regulations to control the design of towers to be more aesthetically pleasing, especially sites located near residential areas. Towers today are camouflaged to look like flagpoles, pine trees, palm trees, church steeples, water tanks, cactuses, and even rocks.

  • Property Values: With more homes & businesses “cutting the cord” and relying on their wireless telecommunication service, the desire for new home owners and businesses to have reliable wireless communication is growing. Individuals are now selecting locations for home and work based solely on their cell phone coverage which is directly related to the proximity to the closest tower site. With the growing demand on wireless coverage and capacity and the use of camouflaged towers, property values near tower sites is actually increasing.

  • RF Exposure: Yes there are radio frequencies (“RF”) coming from a tower site, but there is also RF coming from your cordless landline phone, your wireless computer mouse, the remote that controls your television, and your cell phone. Baby monitors that people place next to their infant’s beds, have been found to be powerful enough to cause interference with cell tower operation. Individuals are exposed to more RF by holding a phone next to their head than they will ever receive from a cell tower, the same power levels that leave a tower are required to reach a tower from your phone. Studies have shown that by having a tower closer to you actually decreases the amount of RF exposure do to the fact the both tower and phone uses less power to connect.

So there you have the basics.  Here is the website of the company we spoke with.  For more information about Cell Towers or to see if your land is a good location for a tower check out www.1swllc.com

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