Comedy Legend, James Gregory This video, an excerpt from “Beef Stew for the Brain” shows comedian legend, James Gregory at his genius best. He inhabits the very essence of our favorite overweight relative after a large dinner. The one that has had way too much to eat… and might just eat some more. James Gregory’s physical comedy, narrative, and timing in this bit show just why James Gregory is a favorite theater, club and corporate comedian.

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  1. bamafan70454 says:

    who are the two re-re’s who disliked tihs

  2. cindyandron says:

    We saw him at the Andy Griffith playhouse in Mt. Airy in October. He was hilarious. It has been a long time since I have laughed that hard for that long. Great entertainer!

  3. thisisrumorcontrol says:

    thats because James is REAL comedian.

  4. manbearpig6288 says:

    it was james relatives 

  5. Abrooks941 says:

    go to the end of the video and press 3 alot

  6. Mobay01 says:

    “He’s so much better than the rest of the stand ups because he makes fun of things ordinary people can relate to.” Seriously, NO other stand up does that?

  7. fbigov10chad says:

    sooooo so funny, me and my sister died laughin at this cause we remember some relative doing this – James is awesome

  8. beccasangels says:

    ROFL !!!!!!

  9. THEBLACKADAM1 says:

    saw him at wcu 

  10. talladegajunkie1439 says:

    I’m going to see him October 1st when he comes to Mount Airy, NC.

  11. TheSSgator15 says:

    Going to see him soon!

  12. Eastgeorgia42 says:

    My dad almost fell out of the chair watching this. His opening lines of this are so true. Its great to watch comedy without cussing every other word.

  13. TheGreekMan1981 says:

    2 people need to pray to Jesus for a sense of humor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. jameylee1 says:

    i know right!

  15. rmixon20 says:

    he’s the best I’ve ever seen.

  16. Joraines says:

    He is hilarious! Saw him in person in Spartanburg, SC a few years ago. I love him!

  17. emoian20 says:

    most of you country ppl dont watch alot of comedians do you hahah

  18. ifudontlikemefuckoff says:

    Actually we do, most likely you just dont find him that funny because either you can’t relate to what he is saying or he offends you.

  19. Lex5576 says:

    …………Not like James Gregory!

  20. aconner64 says:

    Wow, how could I have never heard of this funny funny man?

  21. holleyrj10 says:

    well ya know, most of us aint got no tv er nuttin like that. be from the country, we aint got indoor plumbin or electric lites neither. ahuh. yup.

  22. ThePeachy2 says:

    James is going to be in Greenville, SC at The Handlebar on Feb. 18 !

  23. M42064 says:

    Jesus, thats Miss Betty Wilhoit!

  24. cyropyro says:

    If you dislike this, you’re probably the one he’s talking about!

  25. dragonhut1234 says:

    hes funny but this video is such an overkill with all that burping

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