Croatian Chicks Love It Up The Ass

Croatian Chicks Love It Up The Ass

An interesting bit of news recently emerged which may be of note to guys who enjoy doing girls up the ass (Eg. all straight guys). The Department of Sexology at the University of Zagreb (yes, there really is such a thing) released the results of a study which shows an astounding 66% of Croatian women between the ages of 18 and 30 have taken it up the ass. Even more surprising is that over 90% of these women report that they continued to be amendable to it after the initial anal sex experience.

This study was fairly comprehensive in that it surveyed over 2000 Croatian females within the stated age parameters. When the researchers behind this study sought to quantify the reasons behind the anal sex phenomenon in Croatia, a majority of the females reported that anal sex scenes within online porn helped spur their curiosity. However, as with all things, the movies do not equate to real life. 53% of the women who reported having had anal sex relayed that they did not know to use lubricant (a step left out within many porn flicks). The fact that the vast majority went ahead and did it again is a strong testament to the high pain threshold of Croatian females.

Around half of the women polled reported that they had to at least pause the act because of intense pain. Less than 4% said their first anal experience entailed no pain at all. Seeing the vast majority found the anal sex to be at least moderately painful, the researchers queried them as to why they did it. Most responded that they wanted to please their men, while a small minority conveyed that they found the pain to be a turn on.

So you might be asking yourself — where exactly is Croatia. The country is a part of the former Yugoslavia, and it is just across the Adriatic Sea from Italy. Although once war-torn, the area has greatly calmed down and is not considered dangerous today (except from the perspective of a female ass). The beach town of Dubrovnik is quite beautiful — as well as reasonably priced. When planning your next vacation, keep Croatia in mind — the land where you are allowed to play in all three holes.

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  1. dokma says:

    Being from Croatia and a PUA at the same time I can tell you there is absolutely no difference getting it up the ass of most any woman. Same principles apply everywhere. If you’re good in the basics such as persistence, getting the chick horny, being dominant and a leader it doesn’t matter where you are or how ‘conservative’ the girl is. The problem is when a guy is 25 and has to go to the internet to read this kind of stats instead of having enough experiences of his own to derive some conclusions.

  2. Ben says:

    Wow, I’d like to do her up the ass

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