Dan Bennett – Comedy and Juggling Show

www.bluemoontalent.com ANTICS and SEMANTICS is Dan Bennetts unique brand of comedy that is decidedly appropriate for the professional audience. It combines skilled manipulation of sports equipment and everyday objects with original wit, energy and enthusiasm. His Corporate presentation is a Tour de Force of extreme Edutainment that offers everything from hysterical history to physics made funny. And this can be customized for your organizations needs or just offered as pure entertainment for your group. What happens when a hilarious professor of mathematics performs a lecture with object lessons and world class juggling? You get nonstop laughter, infotainment and amazement. Right from the start Dan engages the audience with fast paced standup comedy and mesmerizing physical feats. The result is a highly entertaining and educational treat.


  1. knighteatalot says:

    someone please explain to me why this doesn’t have a million views

  2. ashlee bennett says:

    that’s my uncle, and he is awesome! 

  3. juggletricks says:

    Dan, I am not worthy of your juggling greatness!!!

  4. Josip Šimunov says:

    why he dont have bilion views?????

  5. 1mean13 says:

    I’ve seen this guy on several cruises and his shows are ALWAYS funny and entertaining. talent like nobody elses!!!!

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