Dating For Cheapskates

It seems that there is a dating site for every type of interest.  Hardcore WoW players can find their ideal girl at Craftmatch.  Apple fanboys can find their fangirl at Cupidtino.  Whatever your interest — older women, younger women, STD-free girls, girls with an STD, married women, divorced women — there is a dating site for you.  Now, there is even a dating site specifically created for cheap, um, frugal guys.  BuckMatch is a new site which is advertising itself as the ideal place for chicks to meet guys — who only want to spend a dollar.  For just one dollar a month, premium membership to BuckMatch could be yours.

This site is the brainchild of Miami-based entrepreneur Saul Waizer.  Obviously, he sees a big market in the cheapskate demographic.  He boasts that initial membership sign-ups are strong despite the site being so new.  Surely, hordes of women must be flocking to the site in search of guys who’s sole criteria in picking the site was to find a date for less than the price of a Happy Meal.  Maybe, BuckMatch should include some good first date ideas for hook-ups made on the site.  A romantic evening at home with Ramen and pirated cable?  Maybe standing in line with old folks at the local early bird special?

Not that there isn’t a demand for dating sites in general.  Recent studies have shown that 45% of all single adults over the age of 24 visit an online dating site at least once a month.  So what other dating site ideas similar to BuckMatch could prove equally attractive to quality women?  Maybe LeaveTheToiletSeatUpMatch?  How about OpenYourOwnDamnCarDoorMatch?  Mr. Waizer is obviously correct that there are many guys in this economic environment seeking to save a buck (or only pay just one to find a date).  However, it appears that he is overestimating the appeal of this tact upon members of the female persuasion.  Perhaps he should have named the site something else and told male members the price in secret.


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  1. Loree Moraitis says:

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