East European women in bikinis 3

Check out the girls of Zero-In like you’ve never seen them before! … In bikinis! About Zero-In … At the time modern day pickup theory was still in its infancy, an alternative philosophy was being independently developed by an elite team of womanizers in Eastern Europe. This fresh concept of seduction was termed Zero-In. The song, “I just can’t cope”, is Copyright © 2010 John Stevens … available at Amazon: www.amazon.com More pictures available at www.zero-in.eu

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  1. Amelia Baskerville says:

    Europe, although it’s a small continent has culture steeping all through it. Compare East European women with West European women and you will find a world of differences. Women from the western part of the continent are perhaps more attuned toward the American way of life but if it is mystery you are looking at you should concentrate on the beautiful East European ladies.`;

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