Emerging From That Romantic Slump

We all go through at least occasional dry spells when it comes to women, and it is very easy to get discouraged when in the midst of one.  Dry spells can emanate from your own psychology, or they can be due to a change in your surroundings.  Sometimes fate is just against you, and possible hook-ups are foiled by unlucky events.  Slumps can be triggered by a variety of circumstances, and once you’re in one there are a variety of proactive steps you can take to limit its duration.

One possible solution is to expand your horizons.  Maybe you’ve traditionally only targeted petite brunettes with brown eyes.  During a slump one can not be so selective, so it is a good idea to explore some other types of girls — who knows, you might end up liking what you find.  This doesn’t necessarily involve lowering your standards, although that can help, too.  Even a conquest not living up to your usual criteria can go a long ways towards restoring your confidence.

If you’re typically more on the shy end and wait for opportunities with open and aggressive girls, then maybe a change to include chasing shy girls as well could help.  This requires more effort and subjects yourself to greater odds of rejection, however, expanding the universe to include more reserved women can only help to increase your odds of scoring.  Similarly, seek out some new pussy chasing venues.  If you’re coming up empty handed at your usual nightlife haunts, then try someplace new.  Maybe even take a trip to a different city which could help assuage the bad karma currently existing within your home turf.

You can also attempt to change up your approach.  Granted, tweaking your game with girls can be as difficult as changing up your golf swing, but it is worth at try.  Devise some new and original approaches, lines, stories or lies.  A dry spell can also serve as a good excuse to update your clothes — or maybe a new hairstyle.  You don’t need a complete personality overhaul or fashion makeover — just some small changes to attempt to get you out of the rut and headed in the right direction.

As with most problems, the most important first step is admitting that you have it.  Being in denial only serves to extend your slump, and the faster you take proactive steps to address translates to a quicker resolution.  The most important facet is to never lose confidence.  Girls can immediately sense your confidence level, and the best aphrodisiac to them often is a self-confident man.  Many slumps become self perpetuating because of the vicious circle of losing confidence which only makes it more difficult to score.

Following these tips can greatly increase the odds of you emerging from your slump sooner as opposed to later.  In the interim there’s always hookers and Craigslist.



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