Episode 5 “Exercising Change”

It is a seemingly normal day at the “gig” office until Claire shows up with an attitude that is far from her usual negative demeanor. Everyone at the agency is clearly confused. Everyone, that is, except for Claire. If you’re submitting an audition, be sure to add the following to your video description: Check out the Before and After Contest at www.bodylastics.com

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  1. DaveThePuppetGuy says:

    This woman is scaring. Who are you and what did you do to Claire?

  2. AbbyRoseMark says:

    Shes so cutee ahaha.

  3. Tgreenfi08 says:

    Bodylastics: It almost does the work for you

  4. berkshirebody says:

    use average people in advertisements for the bands… everyone is sick of seeing 4% bodyfat guys and girls on TV saying they use the new nad squeezer to get fit….

  5. nuite411 says:

    Body Lastics is better than gymnastics, it keeps you pumped up , and looking so fantastic. Thats why u should try bodylastics.

  6. mattmanjack says:

    i,ve never meet anyone like this before have you?but then again i,m british.chow darling….

  7. TheOfficialJamieJay says:

    I have an office job, so I need to make a point to just exercise a bit every now and then, bodylastics makes it possible and very convenient at work! It doesn’t take up much space at all! This is something that you can take anywhere.

  8. 22MoneyMo says:

    hey if u want great advise u should eat healthy like alot of brochllii no fat food sorry like serously u feel a big diference. also sleep early. ull have a perfect morning with lots of energy. try it 4 2 weeks and ull see what i mean

  9. kkaayyllaa788 says:

    awhh, I dont like the new claire! urgh…to nice:/

  10. einsteinessa says:

    Yay Claire, I’m so glad you had a breakthrough! I think you should tell the truth of OlgaKay! Make her the Spokesmodel for gig: show her before and after photos, tell about all the weight she lost and show her working out on the Bodylastics and in her circus act and let the audience see how beautiful she is because of Bodylastics!

  11. falahalhirez says:

    cardio, light wight and lots of repitition great way to get toned..

  12. v223ld says:

    Make sure to eat a balanced meal low in calories and fat ,workout at least 3-4 days a week,in order to get in great shape.Don’t forget to also include bodylastics into your workout routine !

  13. DreamingofActing says:

    Yeah sure…I wonder what REALLY happened to Claire…very metro sexual, or homo sexual LOL

  14. ARKARA76 says:

    I like Claire’s new attitude but it’s just not CLAIRE! She needs to go back to being a bitch. It was much better that way. I loved Claire when she was Claire. Now…she’s just too perky and kind of acting like Viv…and that sickens me. COME BACK CLAIRE!!!

  15. Perilyzer says:

    Stretch your workout to the max!…with Bodylastics.

    Next time you’re thinkin’ fries with that burger, order a salad and you’ll thank yourself later. Smart choices little by little will lose the weight.

  16. TheProdigyBro says:

    “Body lastics can make you feel like a new person and also be a new person with a new body that you just can’t resist sister or Brother …whoever. I wont judge you. Its manly to do bodylastics*LAUGH* no, just kidding that would never be manly, god no just dont…” …LMAO

  17. carmanmc says:

    -bodylatic: it’s a great way to get your body into shape with out all the weights!!
    -bodylastic: stop making excusses for not working out , get off that couch and start working out with bodylastic … it’s light weight and u can do a 100 of things

  18. 19Jamz says:

    Are you usually in a bad mood? Well, get happy with bodylastics! Excersicing raises endorphins and endophins make you happy! So face the world tommorow with a fresh face and new attitude!

  19. jtsctv5 says:

    Is your body giving out through the day? Are you wore out and tired by noon? Start bodylastics and see how your bodyLAST the whole day through.

  20. Zebraluver99 says:

    You should excersise before you eat, its healthier, and make sureyiyu excersise at least 4 days a week

  21. fireavian2 says:

    Bodylastics Is The New Fantastic.

  22. darknessofsota says:

    Tired of all the scams and schemes? Get Bodylastics and build the body of your dreams

  23. WilliamStenner says:

    Look man, It’s Bodylastics!

  24. iamlilcrow78 says:

    Eat right and use Bodylastics.
    Feel the health.

  25. hulagirl234 says:

    lol why dosen t she use the giant table she sits on for work

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