Excellent Wine Choices Which Won’t Break the Bank

While some of us are true oenophiles, most men are intimidated when it comes to ordering wine.  Many falsely believe that one must sacrifice an arm and a leg in order to enjoy your meal with a nice bottle of wine at a restaurant — but this is not the case.  While there are many less expensive wines that will fail to impress, there conversely are quite a few affordable selections which will have your date thinking you are a true connoisseur.

Evodia Garnacha 2008

This selection from Spain has a ruby color and is characterized by hints of strawberry and licorice.  The berry aroma lasts until the end making this wine an ideal selection when paired with bbq or most pastas.  With a retail price of just over ten bucks, the Evodia Garnacha is an economical choice without sacrificing quality.

Pinot Evil 2007

Ordering this wine can certainly serve to convey your less than honorable intentions to your date — along with enjoying a fine French Pinot Noir characterized by plum and cherry on your palate.  This selection is an ideal pairing for casual fare including pizza and pasta.  You can obtain this deliciously evil selection for a mere $8 at retail locations.

Brancott B Sauvignon Blanc 2008

This selection hails all the way from New Zealand, and many claim it is one of the best Sauvignon Blancs available at a reasonable price point.  The Brancott B features a straw-like pale color with a prominent black currant on the palate.  Hints of gooseberry are also experienced on the nose.  This wine is ideally paired with seafood including both fish and shellfish.  The Brancott B is more of a splurge with a retail price of approximately $25 — but still a bargain when selecting a wine to celebrate a big occasion.

Carma Colchagua Valley Estate 2007

This wine comes from the vineyards of Chile, and it is of a deep purple color characterized by cherries, herbs with a hint of mulberry.  A hint of a chocolate aftertaste is noticed on the palate.  This selection is perfectly paired with meat dishes including lamb, veal and steak as well as certain poultry such as duck and quail.  With a price of approximately $17, this wine delivers a better experience than many French selections costing north of $100.



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