Exercise Tips from NickyNik

www.nickynik.com Some inside tips from Nickynik on how to keep the fat off.

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  1. americanprincess76 says:

    Smoker’s cough rearing it’s ugly head?
    haha >;P

  2. jestkimi says:

    nicky. ya dumb fuck. ya gotta wip the eggs first.

  3. jestkimi says:

    wait. do i even have the right site? where’s the freakin witch docotor dude? he had the right idea. where kittee? no exercise kittee. dance, nickee, dance!

  4. soundscapenyc says:

    i bet u do a kick ass clint eastwood impression

  5. GamingIsTheBest says:

    lol ^^ lost!

  6. Jmcg10207 says:

    4:02 holy shit

  7. mrvictormsp says:

    the blare witch proyect!!! hahahah lol

  8. CaptainFeigh says:

    Haha, that was funny as shit.

  9. allehoboys says:


  10. SewTheBeat says:

    so funny omg

  11. therealslimshady1112 says:

    ROFL , he’s the funniest guy i’ve ever seen

  12. tuummie says:

    That’s what she said. 😉

  13. happynut87 says:

    I watched this while listening to ‘killers like candy’ by i am ghost ….worked

  14. IEatLeetMeat says:

    Drinking eggs is horrible, i’ve done it before

  15. sopka1985 says:

    how did u keep the camera in place while running? was perfect in my opinion

  16. grandmaBea says:

    Why aren’t you in the movies?

  17. TheCouncellor says:

    The king is back..

  18. Deepsand101 says:

    Bro how old are you? Just curious, don’t mean to be rude.

  19. nickynik says:

    I’m a teenaged boy trapped in a mans body. And I’ll never change!

  20. Deepsand101 says:

    That’s awesome man, people like you know how to enjoy life. Rock on bro!

  21. leg451 says:

    i remember watching this video back when it was first uploaded. one of the best on youtube. so funny.

  22. SumNJFella says:

    0:27 LOL – if you wanna keep that fat off you need to get serious LOL

  23. SumNJFella says:

    Eggs are actually very good for you. But if you add bacon & sausage that’s where it starts becoming unhealthy. Eggs contain vitamins A,D,E &K,thiamin,riboflavin,vitamin B6,B12 (both important for brain function & mood) & omega 3, which 90 percent of the people in this country lack. The body cannot manufacture it.

  24. OutlawJoseyWales909 says:

    OMG This was so fucking funny XD

  25. adrianstroila says:

    i’ve watched this video first time in 2008, still watching now, nik u the man bro! 🙂

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