Extras still vs. sparkling water

haha ricky gervais in extras trying to pimp a girl

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  1. fuckamericanidiot says:

    you mean conceted?

  2. Hugo Nobrega says:

    you mean conceited?

  3. fuckamericanidiot says:


  4. MrThreeLions says:

    This is Mr Jenkins, you manager! See me tomorrow.

  5. Lucyeleanor97 says:

    “I just wanted to to know that ‘ve been watching you secretly without you knowing” xD

  6. BeatRapist says:

    shes hit rock bottom lol, steven smiles and says…i know then laughs… to funny 😀 i think steven merchant is as funny if not more funny then ricky, one of the best tv series ever, the one with viny jones and ross kemp was brilliant, S.A.S LOL

  7. LithiumLogica says:

    I laughed so hard at this I’m still crying. That was, in a word, brilliant.

  8. FountainOfYoot says:

    “that was unlucky.” hilarious.

  9. COdrums4life says:

    BEST ONE EVER!!!!!!!!

  10. navlageb says:

    I love Ricky Gervais he is so funny in this one. It always makes me laugh.

  11. speedskater96 says:

    hello, ive been watching you secretly without you knowing.

  12. ApleSkrutE says:

    Wheatley <3

  13. Kyogreground says:

    Better luck next time

  14. francisjtuk says:

    I have just watched this continuously about 5 times and laughed so hard that tears came out everytime – pure comedy gold !

  15. heldinahtmlhell says:

    ..That was unlucky.


  16. burnzy1986 says:

    must of been shot 1st without the two behind watching, then edited in later haha cos i wouldnt be able to control my laughter neither……brilliant comedy

  17. 77Stringer says:

    Player…. respect again…….!! lol

  18. monogirl3 says:

    favourite scene in anything ever. the only thing missing is barry.

  19. vaosborn1 says:

    this is an absolutely stunning scene, there isn’t one second that doesn’t make me creaseeee

  20. vaosborn1 says:

    haha player respect again is amazing
    she s hit rock bottom, ‘she she has’

  21. Lucyeleanor97 says:

    ‘If you eat dinner?..well, obviously you eat dinner..’

  22. keyransolo says:

    the noise he’s making trying to breath makes me cry of laughter hahahaha extras is awesome

  23. terraLiquidus says:

    I haven’t laughed this hard in a very long time. Cheers for the upload!

  24. andrewm153351 says:

    This is my favorite scene of the show

  25. tighe93 says:

    The way he says “yes she has…” and rubs his hands gets me every time…

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