Female Fantasies

It is hardly a secret that the male mind produces a wide range of sexual fantasies — for some of us on an hourly basis.  Although we recognize the depravity of our own minds, we assume the opposite gender has fantasies relating to passionate love in a daisy field or romantic evenings in front of the fireplace.  In that, we are wrong.  Despite the fact that women are less inclined to discuss their fantasies, specialized studies have quantified that their minds can be just as puerile as ours.

If you’re interested in knowing what is actually going on in your girl’s head, then there are subtle ways to go about eliciting this information.  While many of us are willing to share our most nasty thoughts freely, women tend to be guarded about their deepest inner desires — and they need to be teased out with care and caution.  Start with sharing some of your fantasies with her — avoid the sorority house group orgy type ones.  Make them more cerebral, and try to include her in at least some of them.  This can effectively start the dialogue.

This can lay predicate for then suggesting that you each act out the other’s fantasy.  This assuming her fantasy doesn’t involve you with a large red ball in your mouth and a leather mask — unless, I guess, you are into such things.  Communication about fantasies is the best first step in your quest to get her to transcend her former boundaries.  Including the activity which you seek within the context of her fantasy is almost like crushing up a kid’s pill and putting it into something sweet.

Chicks always dig it when you truly desire to know what they’re thinking and feeling.  Getting her comfortable enough to discuss her most secret fantasies scores you points for caring and can be leveraged as a way to get her to do the things you’ve previously only imagined in your own fantasies.

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  1. Sir Cameron says:

    Women fantasies are as diverse as women themselves. Yet, the inner drives behind the fantasy may be more common as you expect.

    In my research on female sexual fantasy I have read amazing and touching stories, often of the kind that she would tell no one else. Girls: don’t tell your fantasies too easily, because what you fantasize about may not be what you want or looking for.

    Just as dreams can have several different levels of interpretation, so it is – in my experience – with fantasy. That big black studd you fantasize about may be because you like the warm caring impression the guy at work always makes, or because you like to be the white trash. What you think migth not be what you need.

    If you are brave, try to play your fantasy, but start with a moderate one. Like with any kind of acting work, rehearsal might be mandatory to find the real thrill; but, trust me,. it will come and provide you with the safety you need to try out more.

    Please mail me your experiences, anonymous preferably, to Cameron.Analizer(at)googlemail.com or to the author.

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