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Are you a fanboy who is sick and tired of inter-OS dating?  Do you find pc-girls to be plain, drabby and prone to freezing up?  If so, there is a new dating site for you. just emerging from beta, and set for a full roll out in June, seeks to hook you up with the fangirl of your dreams.  Cupidtino — an obvious amalgamation of Cupertino and Cupid — only accepts Apple girls, and they have the security to back it up.  Try to sign up using IE — banned.  Attempt to visit the site using a Droid — kapow.  Girls found on Cupidtino are certified to be free of Adobe, and if you’re lucky enough to get a peek at her OS you’ll see nothing but sexy Safari.

Cupidtino then uses a unique methodology to set you up on the perfect date.  Whereas sites like eHarmony want to analyze your inner essence, and sites like Adult Friend Finder want you to display your package — Cupidtino wants to see your iTunes playlist.  In return, you can check out her Netflix stats.  Although silly on its face, many are quite serious when it comes to their devotion to Apple.  One would think that only a small geekish subset could care less about a girl’s OS, but this apparently is not the case.

Only a few days out of beta, Cupidtino achieved over 15,000 new sign-ups.  This is quite an impressive figure considering the current saturation on the web of dating sites.  However, seeing that almost half of this initial membership base is from the San Francisco area, the question arises as to how many of these girls are Apple employees.  To the plus side, Apple is semi-notorious for hiring hot chicks.

We’ll go a step further than Cupidtino and recommend some good first date ideas once you locate your hot fangirl.  One option is a quiet evening watching the tape of Bill Gates being shredded by David Boies.  Another would be some foreplay at the local Apple Store followed by a trip to your place to show her your Mac.  Those who wish to sign up better make sure it’s from a device starting with an “i”.

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