Foolz: Physical Comedy -Eagles Talent Presents Foolz. To book the comedy duo Foolz visit their profile page. Wells and Woodhead in “FOOLZ” Two performers: one outwardly calm, the other wound tighter than a spring. If there is a dim-witted innocence about them, it’s because their childlike charm permeates their world, placing them in situations where something always goes wrong. Veterans of film, television and the stage, Wells & Woodhead have performed for audiences on six continents. Their new show “FOOLZ” is a character-driven amalgam of theater, music, comedy and juggling that visually demonstrates the power of synchronicity between two performers with very different dispositions. FOOLZ is classic vaudeville that blends classic comedy with dazzling physical feats such as a plate spinning routine, as seen on the Ed Sullivan Show with an original Hi Tech optical illusion created by Foolz named “NEONMAN”. Wells and Woodhead’s signature grand finale is a one of a kind, frenzied, frenetic juggle montage using a consortium of absurd objects (chairs, guitars, bird cages, umbrellas, rubber chickens, etc. Never are two shows the same, expect the unexpected. Foolz’s recent appearances include: HBO The Comedy Festival in Las Vegas, “Le Plus Grande Cabaret Du Monde”, Europe’s top-rated TV show and “The Humor Festival”, Chinas televised comedy festival.

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  1. bdj1776 says:

    what’s the name of the classical tune that starts the routine?

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