Four Good Hosts For Your Personal Website

So you’d like something beyond your Facebook page and Twitter feed — a domain and site of your very own.  Many who desire to set up personal websites are often stymied by the wide range of options when it comes to hosting your site.  The Internet abounds with “free” hosting offers — but those desiring to retain a modicum of privacy and sufficient control over their site eschew the terms embedded within these “free” offers.  When looking for personal site hosting, there are four good options which will enable you to express yourself online without draining your bank account.

Nearly Free Speech

Nearly Free Speech is a unique hosting company with plans starting as cheap as 25 cents a month.  This host bills based upon your actual usage — so this 25 cent figure is a bare minimum.  However, considering the fact that personal websites do not entail significant bandwidth usage (unless you happen to be Perez Hilton), your actual monthly charges will remain quite low.  A simple landing page, resume and photos would probably run $2 a month, if not less.  This host isn’t the easiest to use, and a baseline degree of applicable knowledge is needed — but you’ll be hard pressed to beat this price point.


The basic plan at Hostgator starts at only $4.95 a month, but it comes with a nice selection of standard features and an intuitive user interface.  The plan comes with unlimited disk space and bandwidth — with the proviso that you only use your site for purposes as defined within their terms of service.  You also receive over 50 email addresses and quite a few one-click applications making this plan a really good value for the money.

1&1 Hosting

1&1 plans start at $3.99 a month, and the baseline package even comes along with a free domain address.  10gb of storage is provided at no additional charge, and unlimited bandwidth — in conformance to their TOS — is also featured.  Basic accounts at 1&1 do not include any one click applications nor any site templates.


BlueHost website hosting plans start at $6.95, and the basic plans provides unlimited domains, storage and bandwidth.  It also provides up to 100 MySQL databases, 1000 FTP accounts and 2500 email accounts — more than enough for even the most ambitious of personal websites.  BlueHost also offers one-click installation of various content onto your site making this a good value for the upper end of basic personal site functionality.

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