Japanese physical comedy duo Gamajobat at the Underbelly Press Launch at teh 2007 Edinburgh Fringe


  1. abbster200 says:

    they sound like beavis and buthead lol

  2. AmazingJoeJoe says:

    Oh now this is just classic! Not enough stars – deserves more than 5!!!

  3. Kosic says:

    Haha, this is jokes, all classic and simple things but the reaction and how they put their act together is great.

  4. beavus1000 says:

    i agree :D ..look at my account name ^^

  5. orik rik says:

    what a joke…they are so funny…..

  6. Andrelisi Campos says:

    Quem ta vendo esse vídeo em 2012 e ta rindo d+ da um joia

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