Get Your Fragrances Right

Jean Giono had once said, “The Gods create the odors, the men manufacture the perfumes.”

Your coolest threads are never complete without a spray of some nice fragrance. Perfumes or colognes add a finishing touch to the perfect outfit, whether it’s a club outfit, casuals or formal office wear. The last thing you want is to smell like a trashcan when you look like the handsome model every girl wants.  A good fragrance always creates a good impression amongst people, especially among women.  But not everyone knows the art of wearing and using colognes. It’s very important to get this art correct.  Here are the basic guidelines before you invest in an expensive bottle of cologne.

1.  Select the correct smell for you – One myth that needs to be broken here is that men have no common and universal fragrances.  All fragrances smell differently on a man’s body due to the difference in the skin type.  The best way to know which fragrance suits you the best is to try them out.  This trial has to be done the right way by spraying on cards and not spraying on your different body parts.  Smelling coffee after every smell of perfume is also a good option to cleanse your nose.

2.  One cologne is not enough – Owning two or more fragrances for different times of the day is also essential.  Daytime requires light fragrances, while strong colognes are preferred at night.  You should also pay attention and use scents that suit the occasion. Not everything is made for every occasion.  You should definitely not wear strong scents to every outing.  So, you really need to invest in two or more good fragrances of different kinds.

3.  Variants in Perfumes – There are a number of types of cologne out there and every man should know when to use what and where.  The three basics are:

Eau de Parfum – The concentration of essence in EDP is about 8% – 15%.  It is the strongest among the three. It also lasts for a very long time.

Eau de Toilette – EDT has lesser concentration than EDP, that is, 5% – 8%. I t’s good for everyday use as it has a very delicate smell.

Eau de Cologne – EDC is the lightest and stays for only 2 hours. Its concentration is 3% – 5%.

4.  Applying Cologne – Do not bathe yourself with cologne.  Remember the rule, less is better.  Too strong of a scent will drive everyone away from you and will turn into stink more than scent.

If you remember these basic pointers you should be well on your way to smelling great and bringing in the ladies.

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