Google Continues Path To World Domination With Google TV

Google recently announced its foray into the world of television, and with four billion television viewers on earth it is a wonder it took them so long.  So what exactly is Google TV? According to Google, this new technology will seek to make your television “smarter” by combining the best elements of TV along with the interactivity of the Internet.  Google TV appliances (several different companies will be manufacturing the hardware) will have Chrome embedded within them and will include functionality allowing for switching back and forth between television and the Internet.

Google claims that their television methodology will expand your channel selection universe literally into the millions, and allows your television to seamlessly transition between traditional television, slide shows, gaming console and music player.  Google apps will be fully accessible, and users will be able to synthesize their television and Internet experiences — for example you can use Google TV to watch Youtube (and other tube site) videos on your large plasma screen.  Many guys also will be eager to display other content best not described in detail on their wide screen HD displays.

The Google TV appliance will allow for easy searching culling content from a variety of sources including DVR devices, mobile devices, desktops and your cable or satellite provider.  Google TV is based upon an open platform which will facilitate development of a multiplicity of applications.  Google is working with cutting edge firms like Rovi and Jinni which facilitate amazing developments like semantic search and social networking within the context of traditional broadcast television.  Google TV will be powered by Intel chips, and although they have not confirmed it, many experts believe that Google TV will be bluetooth enabled and also include a Netflix app.

Google is also partnering with Sony and Logitech in order to put Google TV directly inside televisions which will obviate the need for an additional appliance.  For those without a Google TV embedded television, there will be a wide variety of Google TV boxes and BluRay players.  Google is obviously biased, but their claim that their entry into the realm of television will revolutionize home entertainment just very well might not be hyperbole.

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