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Hey HardyMag readers, it’s that time of year again.  That’s right its time to find a kick-ass costume or prop for Halloween.  As of now you only have a few weeks to get the scariest, sexiest, or most unique Halloween costume together.    On the other hand, you could have the best prop for your home to freak out all of your guests.

Some of the tried and true classics for costumes can work well if you are able to pull them off well.  For guys, vampires, devils, skeletons and movie characters seem to be classic choices.   Some of the best and classic choices for women are sexy maids, lingerie, witches and fairies.  However, if you don’t do them well, these choices can come off as cheesy.   A good costume doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be done well.  By buying an inexpensive costume and then adding some creative additions you can really make a great impression and blow people’s minds.

Sexy Navy Costume - Sexy Makin' Waves
If you are planning to go all out with the decorations this Halloween then you need some basic supplies and then adding that unique part will really set off your party or home.   White spider web decoration is a must for any party or home theme.  Some cool additions might then include animated props.  Laughing clowns, vampires, frankenstein, or zombies are good choices.  A good lighting scheme, soundtrack and fog machine can bump up the coolness and scare factors as well.

How can Halloween be complete without costumes for pets?  There are many contests now specifically for pets.  All animals from large dogs and cats to small breeds and even birds can get in on the fun.  Again, finding some basic  costumes and adding your own flair like unique collars, lighting and shoes can help make your pet unforgettable.

Pet Bacon Dog Costume

Finally, everyone needs to be prepared for the inevitable hook-ups after the parties.   With the shear amount of skin that is sure to be shone during Halloween be sure to bring along all necessary items for any after-party fun.  Also be sure to wear some fragrances that won’t make you smell like the undead.

Halloween is only a few weeks away.  Be sure to get yourself ready now!

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