HardyMag’s Guide To Buying Men’s Cologne

While some guys are true men’s cologne aficionado’s, others haven’t a clue when it comes to selecting the right scent. HardyMag seeks to clear up some of the confusion when it comes to how to select the best men’s cologne for you. We don’t promise that the following tips will have chicks chasing you like you see on Axe commercials, but they should make your next foray to the men’s cologne counter more productive and yield better results.

Change It Up

Are those around you able to sense your arrival with the tell tale scent of your men’s cologne? If so, that means that you are not varying your scents often enough. Wearing the same men’s cologne day in and day out makes you look boring and uncreative. If you have fallen into this rut, then take the time to discover a few new men’s cologne selections to add to your collection. Would you wear the same suit to the office every day? Probably not. Adopt this same mentality when it comes to your men’s cologne.


Mirror Your Personality

As a follow up to the previous point, you should endeavor to assemble a collection of men’s colognes which illustrate your personality. Are you bold and adventurous, or are you more sophisticated and refined? This self-assessment can help guide you to scents which encapsulate who you are. Updating your men’s cologne can also serve as a component of occasional “makeovers” — the same way a new haircut or sporting a new moustache is utilized.


Have Varying Potency Of Scents

Common courtesy dictates that you do not bombard your co-workers with a strong scent when working together in cramped quarters. Conversely, when out clubbing you might not mind if women can sense your scent from far across the room. Consequently, your collection of men’s cologne should include scents varying in their degree of potency, and endeavor to select the correct strength to match the given occasion.


Use A Card

The sales staff at the men’s cologne counter are always all too eager to spray you with whichever men’s cologne they are trying to push that day. Many men also attempt to select the right scent after spraying multiple samples all up and down their arm. The correct way to peruse the offerings at the men’s cologne counter is to ask the salesperson to spray each one you desire to try individually on a card.

By doing this, you can smell the different cards and get the best sense of what the scent entails. When all mixed together up and down your arm, then it is impossible to experience any one of them as they would actually smell when used. Multiple samples within close proximity to one another will corrupt the entire testing process.


Take Your Time

After testing all of your possible selections on cards as described above, give your nose a break. Go peruse other items in the store for 20 minutes or so before returning to the men’s cologne counter. This break enables your nose to clear out vestiges of the various scents you tested, and prepares you fully to make your final decision.


You Are Unique

Every scent produces a different result on each individual. A given men’s cologne might smell one way when used by one of your buddy’s, but it might take on entirely different characteristics when used by you. For this reason, do not assume a scent you come across on some else will translate exactly once applied to your unique skin. The final stage of the men’s cologne purchase process is to return to the counter after taking a break as described above, and then test your top choice on your arm.

This final test allows you to experience how that men’s cologne will behave when applied to your skin. Should you like the end result, then you can complete the purchase. If not, then the process begins anew until a men’s cologne candidate makes it through the entirety of your due diligence.


Be Original

Many men are unaware that you can create your own scent with relative ease. This ensures that you are completely original, and often can serve as an ice-breaker when first chatting your female target du jour. Blends can be made using natural scents like cinnamon, vanilla or jasmine, and odds are there is a store which can help you through this process at your local mall.


Not A Fan Of Men’s Cologne?

If, for whatever reason, you do not desire to wear men’s cologne, then this does not mean that you must go through life scent-free. Men’s cologne can be replaced with scented soaps or aftershaves. The effect obviously won’t be as dramatic as the scent which emanates from men’s cologne, however, it is better than nothing.

Scent is very important to females. Some believe that scents can also serve as an aphrodisiac — this is scientifically questionable, but no harm can come from smelling good. The next time you are shopping for men’s cologne, follow the above tips and you’ll notice an appreciably better result.

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