Health Supplements For Men

There is no need to point out that men and women are quite different — this is especially salient when it comes to our health.  Whereas some supplements are geared for the general population, others have specific utility when it comes to men’s health issues.  There are four supplements which especially show efficacy when it comes to addressing common male health concerns.

Fish Oil

DHA and EPA are the acronyms which described so called “fatty oils”.  These are fish oils, and they have been shown to promote cardiovascular health.  Additionally, further studies have quantified that DHA and EPA help assuage arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.  Neurologically, fatty oils have been shown to increase cognitive function, and — in some studies — their intake has been quantified to lower the risk of depression, especially for those predisposed to have a higher incidence of mental health issues.  Finally, DHA and EPA promote retention of vision acuity — meaning that you can stave off those old-man reading glasses for a few years more if you ensure the proper intake of fatty oils.


Anti-oxidants promote cardiovascular health just like fatty oils, but they also have the added benefit of aiding in male potency and fertility.  Coenzyme Q10 is a popular anti-oxidant, and many men need this supplement due to other prescription drugs being taken.  Most popular medications used to reduce cholesterol have the side effect of suppressing the body’s natural production of anti-oxidants.  It is important to replace this lost production with a good supplement.


Many men use zinc on their nose as sun block, but fewer realize that zinc is an important supplement which is necessary for optimum sexual performance.  Zinc deficiencies have been directly tied to male impotence.  Additionally, without appropriate zinc levels those wounds received on the baseball or football field will heal far more slowly — and have a greater chance of scarring.

Vitamin D

Studies have shown that most men to not have sufficient daily intake of Vitamin D.  Deficiencies of this vitamin can increase the risk of cancer — most importantly for men the risk of prostate cancer.

All supplements above can easily be found in pill or tablet form at your local health store. If you prefer to get your vitamins the natural way, look to salmon, walnuts, sardines, & shrimp to add DHA and EPA oils to your diet. For antioxidants blueberries, broccoli, red grapes, & garlic all have high levels. For zinc chow down on Oysters and shell fish. If it’s Vitamin D you’re after, catfish, salmon, and oysters provide plenty.

These are four simple and easy to find supplements which can serve to address several of the most important men’s health concerns.  Are you meeting the recommended daily intake for each?



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