High Caliber Sex

A few recent stories caught our eye, reminding us why love and munitions often prove to be an unwise combination.

Explosive Orgasms

Terry Lester

We understand that chicks can be quite annoying. Furthermore, we understand how otherwise law-abiding men’s minds can turn to mayhem when an ex presses the right buttons. However, even we have to say that Terry Lester (pictured above) took things a bit too far. This story unfolded in Waseca, MN, and it began around Christmas when Lester’s female roommates stumbled upon a box he had marked as “gifts”.

Within these boxes was a large black vibrator — jammed packed with gun powder and buckshot — along with a remote triggering device. Lester’s plan seems to have been to give three ex-girlfriends an orgasm to remember. However, out of the three devices found by police, only one was deemed as “operational”. Luckily for Mr. Lester’s ex’s, his plot was foiled and he is now under arrest and being charged with a variety of offenses including terroristic threats.

Sorry Honey

Arthur Sedille

Rebecca Sedille had a very bad day. Her idiot husband, Arthur (pictured above) decided to liven up his sex life with his cougar mate (she is 50, he only 23), with a sexual game of Russian Roulette. According to Sedille’s statement to police, he and his wife simply decided to play some firearms fantasy sex games, and not realizing the gun was loaded he held it to her head and pulled the trigger — thus blowing her brains out.

The police were a bit skeptical at his explanation, but for now they are still treating it as an accident. His Facebook page probably won’t help his cause — listing WW2 Era M-1 Carbines as a prominent “like”. If Sedille isn’t charged here — then one can see the minds turning of myriad guys desiring to do away with their spouses. We’re betting a jury finds Sedille’s story a bit off-target.



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