How Old Is This Girl? String Bikini Pics

Lesser known Kardashian Sister Kendall Jenner recently posed for a photo shoot, some of which included bikini shots.

So how about it guys, how many birthdays has she celebrated? 18? 22? Would you invite her out for a drink, a night on the town, or back to your place without a second guess?







She’s 14-years-old.

Now that we’ve got your, and Chris Hansen’s attention, remember: 14 will get you 15-20.



  1. Jay says:

    Her face looks young in the first pic, but her body definitely does NOT. Check those IDs.

  2. JMan33 says:

    I’d guess at least 20. Girls definitely maturing faster today, must be due to all the hormones in food.

  3. Don says:

    Looks 17-18 to me I would never have thought 14.

  4. Norman Seiff says:

    Yf she was my Daughter or Granddaughter, she would not be modeling until she was 18

  5. Heidi says:

    Norman: I’m with you, you got that right!

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