How To Approach (And Hopefully Bed) Beautiful Women

How To Approach (And Hopefully Bed) Women

“Hey baby, you wanna come home with me?”

“Smile for me, sweetheart”

“Wow, check out the tits on that one!”

Since the beginning of time, men have been calling out to attractive women on the street and in other public places. It seems to be something that comes with the Y chromosome – a lot of us just can’t stop ourselves from yelling or whistling when we see a female we like the look of, especially when we’re with our buddies.

But you might be surprised to learn that guys are getting it all wrong. Ask any woman who regularly walks past a construction site, basketball court or auto shop if she enjoys the catcalls and come-ons she gets from the guys there. It might seem like just a bit of fun, but most of them will tell you they feel uncomfortable or even scared.

Harmless flirtation?
There’s a fine line between flirting with a girl in a public place and hassling her. Wolf whistling and hollering at her that she’s gorgeous or sexy probably won’t make her feel that way at all. Women do appreciate being told they’re attractive, just not in such a public way. It makes them feel cheap or vulnerable, especially when the comments start to get obscene. “Yo honey, come over here and suck my dick,” most likely isn’t going to get you the girl, and could quite rightly be seen as harassment.

Some women can feel pretty intimidated when they’re singled out with lewd comments like this, particularly if they have been victims of rape or sexual assault in the past. So for that reason alone, you might want to think twice before you start shouting out at women you don’t know. Quite apart from that, you should keep in mind that you’ll stand a better chance of actually getting to know a woman if you engage with her in a friendly manner rather than whistling at her like a dog.

Primitive Instincts Come To The Fore
So why do guys keep behaving like this? Are we simply programmed from birth to be aggressive towards women who walk by us on the street? Are we lacking a gene that enables us to be subtle or sensitive to other people’s feelings? Of course each person is different, but in general, yes, the male of the human species does seem to be rather clumsy when it comes to dealing with his female counterpart. Men are notoriously bad at expressing their feelings in any situation, and can easily end up sending the wrong message.

However, most catcallers aren’t malicious in any way, and would never consciously threaten a woman. They tend to act in groups, egging each other on – you’ll rarely find a guy who hollers at a girl when he’s on his own. In fact there’s a theory that says they do it as a primitive way to show their masculinity, or to “prove” to other men that they’re straight. And the laws of peer pressure say that everyone has to join in.

It’s pretty natural for men to check out women wherever they go, be it at work, in a bar, at the gym or anywhere else. Many women also ogle guys they see, so it’s not exclusively a male thing. Some guys even admit they would love to have bunch of good-looking women whistle after them on the street, but it’s mostly men who do this.

Talk To Her
Okay then, so what’s a red-blooded male supposed to do when he sees a hot chick and wants to let her know she’s looking good today, or even to get to know her better? Well, the basic rule is to show some respect, just like your momma taught you all those years ago. Treat her like a person and not a sex object, and you’ll be amazed how far you can get.

Try talking to a woman, not at her – and definitely not at her boobs. Don’t stare at her body, no matter how great it looks. If you think she’s beautiful, she might well be flattered if you tell her so as part of a conversation, instead of shouting it out for the whole neighborhood to hear. And for God’s sake don’t make animal noises at her, or even whistle!

Speaking with a woman in a civilized manner, even if it’s only briefly, lets her know you’re interested in her as a person, and not just as a sexy body. If she ignores you, breaks eye contact or walks off, take a hint – she doesn’t want to be hit on. If that happens don’t pursue her, as that will annoy or even scare her, especially if she’s been harassed or attacked in the past.

Many women do like being approached by guys, but it has to be done in the right way. Show her you’re a considerate, thoughtful and interesting individual, and she’s more likely to respond positively than if you were just an anonymous catcaller. She won’t start off by thinking you’re a jerk, and she might even want to get to know you.



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