How To Avoid Putting On Pounds While On the Road

Many men have jobs which entail significant travel.  As if missed flights, crummy hotels and dirty rental cars weren’t enough, it has now been shown that those who spend a lot of time on the road become more prone to putting on unwanted pounds.  There are several explanations behind why this is the case — and, fortunately, there are steps which can be taken to address the issues presented by each of these causes.

Pack It

Who would have thought airline on-time performance could effect your weight?  Well, recent studies have shown that each additional hour spent waiting in the airport translates to 300 calories on average.  What else is there to do?  The vast majority of men when faced with an airport delay head to the restaurant, food court or bar.  A good proactive solution to this quandary is to assume you will be delayed in the airport and pack low calorie foods in your carry-on — and something to do to kill the time.


The battle doesn’t stop once you take off.  The air in a plane’s cabin has half the humidity as compared to the air back down on earth.  This can serve to dehydrate you which has been shown to result in subsequent overeating.  This solution to this issue is to remain hydrated while in-flight.  This will reduce the odds of an eating binge once you get back on the ground.

Advance Planning

Once on the road, it is often difficult to find a place to work out.  Research your hotel choices in advance.  Find out which ones have gyms on-site.  Many hotels without a gym will provide a complimentary daily membership to a nearby gym for their guests.  Pick a time each day while on the road that is set aside for working out — and stick to it.

Don’t Drown The Loneliness

Many men who spend countless hours on the road get lonely — and end up engaging in the proverbial routine of drowning their loneliness in drink.  Excessive alcohol consumption obviously entails quite a few adverse effects — but salient among them is weight gain.  Avoid the temptation to overindulge while on the road.

These few tips can serve to keep you in shape even during the most grueling of travel schedules.  The next time you find yourself falling into one of the above travel traps — think twice and be prepared with a solution.

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