How to Buy Lingerie for a Woman

How to Buy Lingerie for a Woman

It seems in every romantic movie that a man buys lingerie for a woman without thinking twice about it. He walks into the shop, orders it and has it delivered and they never show a moment of indecision or a feeling of being unsure about what he was doing. In the real world, rest assured, it’s usually not nearly as straight forward. Most guys don’t really know what they are buying or how to buy it. It seems complicated but it really doesn’t have to be. With a few pieces of information you can buy her lingerie that will make her feel sexy, while you enjoy seeing her in (and out of) it.

Start by knowing her size. There are a lot of different types of lingerie so you will want to know what her size is in all of the clothes that she wears. You’ll need to know what size bra she wears and what size panties she wears. Depending on what you are buying, you will also want to know what her dress size is. Now that you have the sizing down, you can walk into a lingerie shop and pick something out that you think she would like.

Start with style. Some women don’t mind wearing lingerie that bears it all. However, if you have a more conservative girl or one that likes to be covered up a bit more, you can definitely find little sets that will do this for her. If you know that she likes revealing, tight or just all over sexy, you’ll find that your options really are wide open!

Don’t be intimidated by the lingerie store. Many men feel out of place but rest assured that every woman that sees you in the store will admire you for being such a great guy and every guy that sees you in the store wishes he could be as brave as you. So, take your time and don’t feel like you have to hide from anyone.

When you know what sort of style she would like, or you think she would look good in, you can focus in on color. Does she have a favorite color? Favorite patterns? Or is there a color that you think she looks sexy in? Limit your choices so that choosing the right piece of lingerie for your girl will be very straight forward. If you are unsure about sizing, ask for help from the sales representatives, giving them the sizes that you know well at this point.

Now, all you have to do is give her the lingerie and look forward to reaping the rewards of doing so.

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